Quarantine Life Week 46

Okay, I’m not really meeting my goal for posting this year. But I’ve found myself struggling for time to sit down. I spend more time working these days, which is great, but I need to develop a better blogging schedule, as I truly do enjoy rambling on and hoping someone is reading it. Anyway, we’re still doing this quarantine life over here, and I toggle between wanting things to go back to “normal” and loving all the time I get with my nearest and dearest. Anyway, let’s talk about this week’s cooking.

Thursday (2/11) – Katie made us chicken adobo with rice. It was super good. It was so good, I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, so you’ll have to settle for some pictures of her cooking it. I was expecting a Mexican or Tex-Mex style dish, but this was a Filipino adobo sauce and it was very good.

Friday (2/12) – I had planned to make beef stroganoff, and I had already pressure cooked the beef and mushrooms before I realized I was out of egg noodles. So I tossed in some taco seasoning (secret blend made by yours truly) and pressure cooked it a bit longer, and we had taco night. Taco night is super easy with the youngest as it’s a build your own thing, so it’s easier to accommodate both meat eaters and vegetarians. Although she probably just filled a tortilla with tomatoes. I was in a virtual happy hour, so the kid and my husband got some one on one time.

Saturday (2/13) – I made a pork roast in the instant pot and roasted some creamer potatoes and broccoli. I had also made a couple of loaves of potato bread, so I served that with dinner. The bread was a little more dense that I wanted, but very buttery and delicious. I’m going to experiment with that recipe a bit more. Of course, the kiddo just had broccoli, potatoes and bread. I felt a little off about the two carbs, but she did eat quite a bit of the broccoli. I also baked up some brioche rolls. My intention had been to make buns, but I didn’t quite get the rise I expected, so they are just rolls.

Sunday (2/14) – Being the bougie eater I am, I asked my husband for a bacon, cheese and egg on brioche sandwich when he asked what I wanted for breakfast. He made it, and it was delicious. For dinner, I made homemade chicken tenders using boneless thigh meat and French fries. I double fried the fries, and it definitely makes a difference. And I think my knife cuts on the potatoes weren’t half bad.

Monday (2/15) – We had to push our night to have the youngest as a pretty big snow storm started about mid-day, and we didn’t want anyone to have to drive in it. It kept going until about noon Tuesday, and I think the snowfall total in our area was 17 inches…on top of the 30 that was already on the ground. I’m hoping it’ll all melt by October at this point, but we have more coming this weekend. All of that was just to have more to say than that we had leftovers for dinner.

Tuesday (2/16) – My husband got hungry for lunch but didn’t want any of the leftovers we had the fridge, so I ended up making a chicken and rice soup in the instant pot. It was a bit more porridge-like than intended, but the flavor was great. Then for dinner, I caramelized some onions, and we had cheddar bratwursts on poppy seed buns. Luckily the chicken soup had carrots and broccoli cuz my husband and I seem to eat like teenagers when we don’t have the kiddo.

Wednesday (2/17) – We had a bunch of different cheeses open from Katie making a cheese platter for Valentine’s Day for her and her beau, so I decided to have a fondue night. I have a cute little double crockpot that we used for a wedding, and it worked great. For one of the cheeses, I used Swiss, gruyere and cheddar. For the other one, I used Havarti, Camembert, and gruyere. Both were delicious. I served them with potato bread cubes, broccoli, granny smith apple chunks, orange bell pepper slices and miniature salami.

Okay, this menu does not sound like the healthiest week we’ve had. But I swear, is cheese on veggies and bread any less healthy than on pasta? I don’t think so.

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