Ocho Semanas en Oaxaca: Episodio 2

Well, Sunday afternoons seem to be my blogging time these days. But I do have visitors coming the next couple of weekends, so that might postpone my writing a bit. It's been a pretty productive week. I did some shopping, some cooking, some exploring, and of course, some eating! I also did some work...but who … Continue reading Ocho Semanas en Oaxaca: Episodio 2

Food Diary Week 104 (3/24-3/30/2022)

At the end of March, I apparently wasn't totally feeling the cooking vibe and definitely didn't have a photo vibe. I have like three food pictures! But I did do a little cooking. This week, I experimented with some protein bars based off a recipe I found on NYT Cooking. I made a few changes, … Continue reading Food Diary Week 104 (3/24-3/30/2022)