Food Diary Week 104 (3/24-3/30/2022)

At the end of March, I apparently wasn't totally feeling the cooking vibe and definitely didn't have a photo vibe. I have like three food pictures! But I did do a little cooking. This week, I experimented with some protein bars based off a recipe I found on NYT Cooking. I made a few changes, … Continue reading Food Diary Week 104 (3/24-3/30/2022)

Food Library Week 95 (1/20-1/26)

I'm officially done with my cooking break! I still have my husband help out with things like getting the instant pot from its storage place on top of our fridge to the counter and anything else that involves heavy lifting, but I'm back. That said, we started this week with take-out. We were really craving … Continue reading Food Library Week 95 (1/20-1/26)

Covid Life Food Diary Week 91 (12/23-12/29)

So it's New Year's Eve and I'm exhausted. But I wanted to finish out the year's journal so here I am. I apologize if it comes off a little like the ramblings of a lunatic. Kidding. I'll try to be coherent. I still have one other blog post I seriously want to post this year. … Continue reading Covid Life Food Diary Week 91 (12/23-12/29)

Arkansas Phipps Family Thanksgiving 2021

This year, the hubby and I decided to go to Arkansas after Thanksgiving to celebrate with my family. With my dad gone this year, we all just need more time together. We won't be going home for Christmas as none of our schedules would work out for that, so we wanted to make Thanksgiving the … Continue reading Arkansas Phipps Family Thanksgiving 2021