Welcome to my blog. I write about family, and food, and the interactions the two create. I have a wonderful husband (who edits my content, so it’s his fault if there’s a typo…no he’s great and without him, there would be many) and three beautiful daughters. My husband and are are total omnivores, though he has more picky dislikes than I when it comes to food. My oldest, M, is a vegan. This happened a few years ago, and I was terrible at adapting. Seriously, my husband still has to remind me that butter is not a vegan thing. My middle, K, is an adventurous, explorative, slightly crazy teen. But she is so much like me in so many ways. She’s currently spent the last few years exploring her views on food. She did vegan for a brief time. She did vegetarian. She did peskitarian. She’s currently eating most meats, but not all. Our youngest, E, is just turning 9. She’s been raised vegetarian, and like all kids her age, she is picky in so many ways that present new and interesting challenges. Bringing all of these together for a meal is quite fun sometimes. And don’t even get me started when we have the extended family, or arms of it, in the mix.

If you take my love of puzzles and my love of food and combine them, my family is perfect for me. I love to cook. I have never had any formal training. When I moved from my parents home at 17, my skills were limited to whatever Hamburger Helper or Kraft had come up with for dinner. But I started playing with food. I fell in love with the Food Network about 20 years ago, and I have been told over the years that my cooking is pretty good. I love finding new recipes, but when I do, I inevitably try to think of what I can do to make it better or make it suit my family’s particular tastes. I also experiment with my own ideas and flavor combinations. I’ve even recently (well, our relationship is going on a year or more) found a passion for smoking things.

My blog is mostly focused on finding foods and recipes that make my family happy. But I’m a big believer in making myself just as happy, so I do explore foods just because I want to try them or because I want to recreate a memory from long ago. With having a mixed group of eaters, I get to explore a wide variety of food genres, and I want to share that experience.

And yes, I know it’s misspelled…

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