Take Out

So prior to the pandemic, I had put us on a pretty strict budget plan, as we decided we would like to stop paying interest on credit cards. When pandemic hit, we added the fact that we would like as little exposure to people outside our home as possible. This has all translated into us only doing take-out about once every 4-6 weeks. Here’s the issue when you only get something so rarely: Decisions become very difficult.

I swear that when we decide we are going to do take out, it can take an hour or two just to debate where we are getting it from. And the debate is just hilarious. Oh, we’d really love place X again, but place X is kind of pricey, especially since we always over order. Did you see the burger of the week at Y. Yeah, but we got Y the last time. We always order from there. Also, we now have to drive there or our food will be cold by the time we get home. Oh, what about Z? I don’t know, I’ve heard they are a social distancing nightmare.

Yep, eventually we decide. Sometimes we’re happy with the results. Sometimes, it feels like we went through an awful lot to end up with a mediocre meal. I really want to impose a rule these days that we have to start working through our list of “we should try that place” places. But that gets sticky as sometimes my husband “just isn’t feeling adventurous.”

Sometimes, I manage to talk myself out of take out just because I don’t feel like having the debate of where. I feel like that’s pretty good for our budget though, so not a bad deal.

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