Food Library Week 95 (1/20-1/26)

I’m officially done with my cooking break! I still have my husband help out with things like getting the instant pot from its storage place on top of our fridge to the counter and anything else that involves heavy lifting, but I’m back.

That said, we started this week with take-out. We were really craving Indian, so we ordered from Paprika, one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants. Their chicken korma is amazing!

On Friday, we escaped to Michigan. My husband had a need to get away, so we found a nice Airbnb rental that offered no-contact check-in and just took off. It was a splurge, but much needed. We ended up with the cutest little house near the lake. We took all the food and such we would need so we didn’t even leave the place for two days. On Friday evening, I made this shrimp orzo dish from NYT cooking. It was absolutely amazing. The one and only issue I had with the Airbnb was that there was no shredder of any kind. This made lemon zesting a challenge, but I improvised with a vegetable peeler.

Saturday, I did a sauteed chicken with red peppers and onions. I cooked the red peppers and onions down to an almost paste consistency and it was delicious. I served it with roasted cauliflower seasoned with salt and garlic.

When we got home Sunday, we just ordered from a neighborhood hot dog joint. It was pretty good. Their cheese sauce was not quite as good as Portillos, but it was pretty damned good. And their chili cheese dog was fantastic.

Monday we just did a leftover night. These are becoming common on Mondays. I’m trying to eliminate food waste and usually by Monday we have several that need to be eaten or disposed of. So, we eat them.

On Tuesday, I made a nice surf ‘n turf. I had a couple of ribeye steaks thawed in the fridge, so I used the broiler method to cook them. You basically broil them for 4 minutes on each side and you get a nice medium rare. I also broiled some extra jumbo shrimp and roasted some brocolli. If you haven’t read about the new shrimp craze, please take a moment to see my blog We have Shrimp!

I rounded out this week by making a classic mac ‘n cheese with peas. I almost never make the classic style mac, but the inspiration hit me. I did, of course, need to add peas as we have to have some variation on this classic.

So, a pretty good week for food around here. I think the get away to Michigan really helped us. I think I want to try to rent the same place again in the spring but take the kids and grandkids. Yeah, it won’t be as peaceful, but it was a beautiful three bedroom house on the lake and there is even a very convenient lift to get down to the lake.

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