We have Shrimp!

So several weeks ago, I decided I wanted to make paella. My husband and I drove all over Chicago looking for wild gulf caught shrimp. Seriously. We hit like 6 different places. Ultimately, we found them at Whole Foods. We also found Key West shrimp, which we ultimately bought because they were the size we wanted for the dish.

But this started a quest. We don’t really shop at Whole Foods and while their wild caught, we really didn’t know much about where they were coming from or how they were being fished and such. You see, NPR made buying shrimp a lot more difficult with a recent episode they had on fish and sustainability. But, because the gods of Google mine your searches and then target ads at you (I’ll rant about that somewhere else…), an ad for this company called Biloxi Shrimp Company came up in my Facebook feed. So, I clicked. I read their story. I searched their site. I determined to order shrimp. And boy, did I order shrimp. I ordered 14 pounds of shrimp. In my defense, you get free shipping if you order at least 10 lbs, at least with the current promotion you do.

The ordering process was super easy. It did charge me shipping. I wasn’t even angry. I’ll pay to get wild caught, sustainably harvested shrimp delivered to my door. But I did email them and let them know so that they could either change the language online clarifying when you qualify for free shipping or rectify it in some way. Customer service refunded my shipping the very next morning and sent me a very kind email explaining that it was a system error. My shrimp arrived 2 days later! It was well-packed with dried ice and while I’d like them to get away from the plastic packaging, the labeling and such are very descriptive and helpful!

So, we have been eating a lot of shrimp. While it is best to thaw your shrimp overnight in the fridge, you can quick thaw it under cold running water. This makes it super convenient to throw into any meal! So far, we have had surf ‘n turf, using the extra jumbo shrimp, a shrimp orzo dish from a NYT Cooking recipe, paella, fried shrimp, shrimp alfredo, and shrimp tacos.

I have future plans for shrimp tempura, shrimp and polenta, bang-bang shrimp, grilled shrimp, jambalaya, shrimp DeJonghe, and roasted shrimp with rosemary. So if you actually read my food diary, expect to see a multitude of shrimp dishes. Also, if you have a favorite shrimp dish, I’d love to hear about it!

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