Food Diary Week 94 (1/13-1/19)

This was my second week of my mini-break from cooking. We did a lot of leftovers and a lot of take out again. Okay, it was not a lot of take-out, but more often than I prefer. Like, I know what I put in my food and where the foods come from for the most part. You can almost never say that when ordering out.

We started out the week with taquitos. Yes, this is one of our least healthy dinner choices, so we really only do it on no-kid nights. These are found in the freezer aisle at Costco and probably have very little redeemable nutritional content. But they are just so damn delicious.

For the kid weekend, I always try to focus on really pushing the vegetables. At her other house, the kid eats a lot of carbs so I always feel the need to try to amp the protein and vegetables. So for Friday, I made homemade pizza. I made white pizza with alfredo sauce, broccoli, spinach, and cauliflower. It was delicious, though I discovered I need to pre-bake the crust a little more as the center did not hold up to the alfredo sauce as well as I wanted.

Okay, on Saturday, I kind of broke from my break. I got an urge to get fancy and we had a meal of mostly appetizers. I made stuffed shrimp, salmon puffs, and creamed spinach. No, creamed spinach is not an appetizer. But I couldn’t think of anything else to do with the spinach that worked for both vegetarian and non. The salmon puffs kind of sucked. I remembered that I don’t like cooked salmon. I do this every couple of years where I decide to try cooked salmon and no matter the recipe, it has never changed my mind. I also didn’t help these because I accidentally bought phylo dough instead of puffed pastry and most of the “crust” stayed in the muffin tin, so you really just had little salmon meatballs.

Sunday and Monday we just had leftovers and on Tuesday, we ordered Chinese again. We tried a new place in the neighborhood and really liked it, so we may have a new Chinese restaurant. Wednesday, we just did leftovers again. See, I can take a break from cooking. Well, mostly.

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