Covid Life Food Diary Week 81

Yep. I decided to change the title. We are all living the Covid life. Whether you are in quarantine, semi-quarantine or just plain don’t give a damn, Covid is part of our lives and it doesn’t look like it’s going away. But I like my food diary and while I might change the name again…and again…for now, we’re just going to admit this is the life we have. Now, let’s talk about food.

Thursday (10/14) – As I write this, that was a month and a half ago. Sheesh, I’m terrible at keeping a diary. It’s a damn good thing I take pictures often. I made sauteed pork chops and green beans. It’s a simple meal but one of our favorites. I love to season the pork with salt and rosemary and sauté it in olive oil. The beans get butter and garlic.

Friday (10/15) – It was a no kid weekend, so I’m guessing we either ordered take out or didn’t eat. But someone through away the calendar page or it’s lost. And I have no pictures. Let’s be honest, it was as likely taco bell take out as anything.

Saturday (10/16) – We just ate our leftovers. We had pork chops, after all.

Sunday (10/17) – We just reheated chili. I really used to cook more on our no kid weekends. I should really get back to that as the leftovers are definitely worth the effort.

Monday (10/18) – I made an acorn squash and lentil dish I found on NYT cooking. It involved roasting the squash and cooking the lentils stovetop with things like cinnamon and cardamom. It was actually really good. The feta really adds a nice touch.

Tuesday (10/19) – Every once in a while, I through the little one a bone. I made fettucine alfredo with spinach. It was delicious as always. It’s not the most exciting dish to make anymore, but it’s good.

Wednesday (10/20) – We keep trading nights away, so we didn’t have the kid this Wednesday. So of course, we ordered take out. This time from Rockwell’s. I know, big shocker. But it was as good as ever.

Man, I’m so behind on these blogs. I’d promise to do better, but we know I’d be lying. I also have like 3 other not diary style blogs started that have not been finished and/or posted. Hopefully, I will get time to catch up this weekend. But my grandbaby’s birthday party is this weekend, so who knows what I’ll get to.

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