Semi-quarantined Life Week 61

Should I just start calling this a food diary and not reference quarantine life? Nah, I’m going to stick with it for now since we still have one unvaccinated household member. Once she’s good, we can circle back on that issue. However, this week I did go on a fun adventure with a friend which I’ll tell you all about in a separate post.

Thursday (5/27) – I finally got around to making those hotdogs. It was a simple meal of hotdogs and French fries. Katie put ketchup on hers and Owen didn’t kick her out of the kitchen, so we’ll call that a victory. I steamed the hotdogs using my bamboo steamer baskets. It was very easy and steamed 8 all at once. My husband found it weird, but hey, he enjoyed the hotdogs.

Friday (5/28) – It was a no kids night, so we had taquitos. I know they are processed and not good for us, but damn we love them.

Saturday (5/29) – I took the leftover pork and pressure cooked it with Carolina bbq sauce and made cheesy mashed cauliflower. I haven’t made that in a while and damn, it’s good. I should definitely make that more often.

Sunday (5/30) – We just did leftovers. At this point, they were stacked up again, and you know I hate food waste.

Monday (5/31) – We had bad Mexican food. That is literally what I wrote on my food calendar. We tried out this divey little place in our neighborhood that people bragged about. It was truly bad. It was just boring. Nothing really had any flavor except the guacamole, and even it was a little basic with no jalapenos. So we are still on the lookout for our perfect cheap Mexican food place.

Tuesday (6/1) – Keeping with our Taco Tuesday kick, we did hard shell tacos with soyrizo as the main filling. They were good! We still had some of the okay guacamole from Monday and had the usual veggie toppings available. I was a little weirded out that the guacamole did not even start turning overnight. I’m not sure what they use to accomplish that, and I’m not sure I would want to know.

Wednesday (6/2) – I had picked up 2 dozen samosas from Paprika, our favorite Indian restaurant, on Tuesday, which I reheated in the over, and I made a new recipe I got from a friend for Chana Masala. The samosas were fantastic. The Chana Masala needs work. First, I didn’t get the chickpeas done enough. But it also just needs some tweaking. I didn’t feel there was enough spice, and I want a thicker base. I played with it more after dinner before putting it away, and I think I maybe got it more where I want it. We’ll reheat it for dinner this weekend and find out.

Well, 61 weeks. I don’t even know what to say about that. But we made it through the really hard parts. Actually, I think there are more hard parts. Honestly, adjusting to going back to shopping in person or getting together in person with people is probably harder for me than the beginning when it was total lockdown. But we’re vaccinated, mostly, and more and more people are getting vaccinated, so hopefully, we don’t lose anyone else and things keep getting better.

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