Semi-Quarantined Life Week 62

Well, I’ve been doing this journal for a while now, and as I look back through the early weeks, I have to admit I probably am not quite as engrossed in my cooking as I was in the beginning. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the cooking and playing with recipes. I guess it’s really just that I am working more again, which I also enjoy. Also, it’s summer. I tend to be less about cooking when it’s hot out. However, now that I have the grill and the smoker all set up, maybe we’ll see where the adventures take us.

Thursday (6/3) – We just had leftovers. Sorry, no excitement here.

Friday (6/4) – I went to my friends’ house and we had dinner and happy hour in their backyard. We had some nice salads and grilled cod and lots of wine. The hubby made grilled cheese and vegetables for the him and the kid. I had been doing virtual happy hours with these friends for the last several months, and it was nice to move it to an in-person event.

Saturday (6/5) – We did Chana Masala take two. I added some spices and cooked it a bit longer. I also served it over rice to soak up some of the tomato broth base. It was better, but I still feel that the recipe needs some tweaking.

Sunday (6/6) – We started the day with eggs benedict, one of my favorites. I don’t mean to brag, but my hollandaise is amazing. Okay, that was braggy. For dinner, we ended up just eating leftovers.

Monday (6/7) – Katie made Ramen. I didn’t like this one quite as much as the last version, but it was good. She did a quicker broth and tried a thing with wrapping the pork belly into like a pinwheel shape. It made the meat a little difficult to eat.

Tuesday (6/8) – Yep, Taco Tuesday. This week I made homemade taco salads, complete with air-fried tortilla bowls. I cooked up some soyrizo, Mexican-spiced chicken, and black beans for main filling options. I also found an avocado dressing, which I liked, but the husband thought was too acidic.

Wednesday (6/9) – I made a pasta dish with chickpeas, feta, tomatoes and zucchini. It was based off a couscous and tabbouleh recipe I had found. I realized after I started that I did not actually have any couscous, so I had to pivot a bit. But it came out really well, and it was even better served cold the next day for lunch.

So, another week in the books. I am especially proud of my ability to make Taco Tuesday in so many ways. At some point, it’s going to repeat, but I’m enjoying exploring all the iterations of tortilla, meat, lettuce and cheese I can manage.

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