Quarantine Week 52

Well, this post marks an official year of the quarantine life. We actually went into quarantine on 3/16/20, but of course, my posts are a week behind. Things got a little crazy after this last week, so let’s just jump into the food for now.

Thursday (3/25) – We ordered Rockwell’s for dinner. I got their “burger of the week” but subbed chicken. It was delicious. There was tomato and avocado and feta. It went perfectly with chicken. I felt like we deserved a reward and wanted to celebrate, as my daughter and I got our first vaccine shots! Yep, an end to this quarantine life may be approaching.

Friday (3/26) – I made aloo matar paneer and homemade naan. What can I say? I have found a spice forward cuisine that the little one likes, so I’m rolling with it. Also, my Katie loves matar. I used a Mark Bittman recipe, but then I had to spice it up, as I thought his recipe was a little plain for our tastes. It came out very well, and I think I have just about perfected the naan thing.

Saturday (3/27) – We started the day with a broccoli and gruyere quiche. I have become addicted to that recipe. This time, I added a little mustard to the season blend and I really thought it complimented the cheese. For dinner, Katie and I made homemade buns and black bean burgers. They came out incredibly well, and I would definitely make them again.

Sunday (3/28) – We started the day with biscuits and gravy. I made an egg for the little one, as the gravy had to have sausage. I had planned to make chocolate gravy too, but by the time I got up and around I just wasn’t feeling it. For dinner, Katie made an orange glazed chicken, some wild rice and sautéed green beans. It was a very pretty and delicious plate!

Monday (3/29) – Katie and I made dahl and homemade naan. The dahl was quite spicy and the kiddo just kept eating it. I don’t think this one was quite as spicy as the last one, so I’ll probably stick with the other recipe.

Tuesday (3/30) – We fried up some mozzarella sticks and baked some chicken taquitos. It wasn’t exactly a health food night, but sometimes you need to eat like a teenager.

Wednesday (3/31) – I made an eggplant and mushroom meatball recipe I found in Food & Wine magazine. It was pretty good, but I would make the meatballs smaller next time. I was going for that giant meatball on a bed of spaghetti look, but I think the crispy outer layer of the meatballs would be better served on smaller ones.

If I could just have stopped time here, I would have. Well maybe. I guess we have to just keep going. Also, every week when I write these I realize just how fortunate I am to have my little hobbies. I love cooking. I love talking about cooking. And hopefully, someone loves reading about my cooking.

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