Quarantine Life Week 51

I’m a little behind on writing these, so my apologies if I seem to just bomb several posts. I cannot believe we have been doing this for almost a year!

Thursday (3/18) – I combined the zucchini pasta and artichoke pasta recipes to create a creamy zucchini and artichoke pasta. It was pretty good, and I love putting as many veggies as I can into our meals.

Friday (3/19) – I’m going to be totally honest. I don’t remember what we had for dinner on this one. My daughter very helpfully cleared my March calendar and I have no photos from this date. My guess is going to be that it was leftovers. This was the day my husband got his first vaccine shot, so I believe we took it pretty easy just in case.

Saturday (3/20) – I baked some Amish Friendship bread. It came out really nice. The recipe I had called for adding vanilla pudding mix, and I left that out because I didn’t have any and I thought it would be way too sweet. I think I was right as the bread was just the right level of sweetness and the texture was great. For dinner, I made chili cheese dip. I know, totally healthy.

Sunday (3/21) started with eggs benedict. I get a craving for hollandaise sauce periodically. And I used the friendship bread as the base. The sweet and savory combo was very good. For dinner, I made homemade chicken tenders, using thigh meat, and roasted red potatoes. I haven’t quite perfected the chicken batter, but I believe I am getting close.

Monday (3/22) – I made magic chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies. These are the simplest cookies but oh so delicious. For dinner, I made stir fried rice packed full of veggies and then sautéed up some chicken thighs I had extra of from Sunday evening for us meat eaters to throw on top. There was a slight meltdown when I realized I was out of peas toward the end of making the rice. I ended up adding chopped frozen broccoli, and everyone liked it. I am still getting used to sharing my kitchen and not always knowing exactly what I have in stock.

Tuesday (3/23) was a Katie helps cook night. We made twice-baked loaded potatoes and mac-n-cheese. I am not even sure what she put in that mac-n-cheese. I was more obsessed with my potato.

Wednesday (3/24) – Katie made this creamy avocado pasta recipe with fresh tomatoes thrown in at the end. It has a taste and texture similar to alfredo, but it is made using avocadoes and English peas. I don’t know that it will make one of my “favorites” lists, but it’s not bad, and it’s pretty healthy for a pasta dish. We sautéed some shrimp for the meat eaters to throw on top.

Sharing the cooking responsibility has been an adjustment but also very helpful. As I have been working more this last month, sometimes I look up and discover it’s dinner time, and I don’t even have a plan. I am working on getting on track with my menu planning, as it is far less stressful when I know what we are going to have and keep tracking of what we have in stock. Thanks for continuing to read these.

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