Quarantine Week 42

It’s been another week of quarantining and yes, I’m still cooking. This week, my husband looked at the meal plan and asked me very nicely not to change anything about it. I, of course, did, but only with one dinner, and it was a huge hit.

Thursday (1/14) – We started the day with poached eggs, English muffin and bacon pieces. I really wanted a bacon version of an eggs benedict but realized I was too low on eggs for the sauce. It was still good. I’ve gotten pretty good at the poaching thing. For dinner, I made my Jambalaya. I think it was even better this time. I did, however, make a very substantial amount of it this time. So I ended up taking some to a neighbor.

Friday (1/15) – I had a happy hour, and due to some schedule conflicts, my husband the kiddo ended up fending for themselves by which I mean he had to heat up the vegan chili I had taken out of the freezer to thaw.

Saturday (1/16) – I made linguine with kale pesto sauce and roasted baby broccoli. I think this is actually called broccolini, but the tag said baby broccoli, so I’ll roll with that name. Anyway, the pesto was very good. And our plates were very green!

Sunday (1/17) – I had made a bread pudding on Saturday night, so we had that with whiskey butter sauce for breakfast. I also added some bacon pieces on mine, which was delicious. I know bread pudding is a dessert, but I figured it’s no worse that eating pancakes and syrup for breakfast. For dinner, we just had leftovers.

Monday (1/18) – I made a creamy artichoke and spinach pasta dish from NYT Cooking. I used Greek marinated artichoke hearts because it was what I could find. It was delicious. I will definitely be making this dish again. In fact, we ordered two cans of artichoke hearts the very next day in our grocery order.

Tuesday (1/19) – I sheet pan roasted some bone-in chicken thighs with garlic and thyme. Unfortunately, I put the tiny potatoes in with the chicken and kind of burned them. Next time, I will let the chicken get about halfway done before adding the potatoes.

Wednesday (1/20) – We had tomato basil soup and grilled cheese/ham and cheese sandwiches. It felt like a good day to plan for comfort food. We even ordered and had pre-sliced cheese this week just to make it as easy as possible. I tried a new method for the sandwiches where you assemble them and put them between two preheated baking sheets and bake it. Unfortunately, this did not go as well as one would have hoped because I got frustrated during the process and accidentally turned off the oven. I think I will try it again though. I also made some cookies, which actually started the frustration process but turned out yummy anyway.

I can’t decide if the kale pesto or the artichoke spinach pasta was my favorite. I think it’s the latter. I am often concerned that we eat way too much pasta, but if I can shove it full of vegetables, that makes it okay, right? Next week I’m gonna try to sneak in some squash.

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