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So my dad recently asked me to add calorie count and such for my recipes. While I could definitely see the usefulness of such information, I am hesitant. If I post nutritional information, and I’ve made an error somewhere in the calculations, what are my liability issues? Yes, I’m an attorney if you didn’t know, so this is the first place my brain goes.

But I do try to include recipes that could appeal to a variety of dietary restrictions, thanks to my family, and I hope that those of you reading find things you like that are also healthy. Admittedly, there are going to be recipes that you should probably avoid if you have serious dietary restrictions or health issues. The Sausage Balls, for example, are not a good dish for those watching cholesterol or calories. And the Jen’s French Toast Casserole is definitely not for anyone watching calories. But, the Garlic Humus and Broiled Rosemary Pork Chops are pretty healthy options!

In deciding whether to include nutritional information, I did do some research, and there are some pretty good sites for calculating your meals nutritional facts out there. I found the recipe calculator to be very good along with the calculator. You can copy and paste your recipe directly into the second one, and you have to make some minor adjustments to identify some ingredients based on their terms, but it’ll shoot out what looks like a pretty fair assessment. I have no affiliation with either site, and so I, in no way, vouch for their accuracy, but it looks reasonable.

The bottom line is that while I won’t take on the potential liability of attesting to any particular nutritional evaluation of the recipes I include on the site, I do encourage you to use the resources out there if it is important to you. I just want to share the foods I enjoy!

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