Food Diary Week 105 (3/31-4/6/2022)

For the weekend, the husband and I decided to get away. We left on Thursday and returned Sunday evening. We got a cute little Airbnb in Douglas, Michigan, right off the town center. It was an amazing weekend. However, this meant I did not do any cooking. I have given him the parameters of either a great kitchen or right downtown with lots of food options. He chose the food options. And no, I wasn’t offended. We haven’t had many good date nights out the last couple of years.

Our first night in Michigan, we ate at this adorable restaurant called Everyday People Cafe. Our server was excellent and it was a true fine dining experience but with a casual vibe. Their menu changes, but we had Spanish meatballs for an appetizer, which were divine. Their Greek salad was one of the best I’ve had in a long time and I live near Greek town! I had the pork shank and it was incredible. I can’t resist pork shank when it’s on a menu.

We got up the next morning and visited Respite, a nice little cafe. Owen had a very good looking panini with eggs and chorizo and all kinds of filling. I had the lavender and honey toast because that bread is just so delicious. I don’t know why I don’t do more toast at home. I eat it like crazy when traveling, but I almost never have cream cheese or crema or the like in my fridge at home.

On one afternoon, we wandered over the Saugatuck which is just down the street. I found a cute little olive and vinegar shop where I got the most amazing hickory balsamic vinegar. I could drink that stuff. I also got some infused olive oil and some Spanish olive oil similar to what I brought back from my trip last summer. We also did a wine tasting at the Feen Valley store and picked up a few bottles of wine. Then I found this adorable shop that sells sauces and jams and such. The owner was super nice and we picked up some bourbon mustard, lemon curd, and a few other items. We ended up eating in a bar/tavern. It was pretty decent bar food.

Another evening, we went to Borrowed Time. Their set up is small plates. They bring you a menu of them and you can order all at once and they pace the meal for you. Being the control freaks we are, we ordered ours more like two at a time. I just never know when I’ll be full and it feels rude to cancel the remainder of your order halfway through. Their menu also changes with the seasons. The poached pear was incredible. We also had a braised beef that was really good. And for desert, I had some kind of lemon-apricot cake thing. It was incredible. Owen had something chocolate, which is unusual for him.

After we returned, I did cook a couple of times. I made a vegetarian version of the shrimp scampi risotto by cooking the shrimp in lemon on side and that went over pretty well with the kids. I also made a taco bake thing that went over less well. I was trying to use up some black beans and tortilla chips, but it came out pretty dry. I think that when I previously made it, I used more sour cream filling than this time.

So not as much cooking this week, but some great dining. I highly recommend Douglas, Michigan as a quiet little retreat, especially if you live in the city. But the Airbnb prices really go up in the summer as it’s very popular for families.

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