Covid Life Food Diary Week 91 (12/23-12/29)

So it’s New Year’s Eve and I’m exhausted. But I wanted to finish out the year’s journal so here I am. I apologize if it comes off a little like the ramblings of a lunatic. Kidding. I’ll try to be coherent. I still have one other blog post I seriously want to post this year. And I only have a few hours to get it in there. We’ll see if I succeed.

While there were some big meals this week, several days were just leftovers or taquitos because you know, needed that energy for the big meals. Seriously, though, I totally messed up my back last week and it’s a persistent and painful issue, so every meal was a labor of love.

My girls and I have always celebrated mostly on Christmas Eve and this year we had the youngest until 8pm Christmas Eve and not on Christmas. So my Katie and her boyfriend came and we did Christmas eve with them and Eleanor. I decided appetizers was the appropriate way to go. We had chile-lime chicken wings, bruschetta, baguette, sausage balls, stuffed mushrooms, baked brie with plum and date sauce, and blueberry pie.

In all honesty, no one got to the blueberry pie. This year was a mess with the schedules. Mel’s fiancé’s custody agreement had them not having the kids until after 5pm on Christmas. My husband’s custody schedule had us having the youngest only until 8pm Christmas Eve. And then there’s the negotiations with Katie’s boyfriend’s family. So Christmas came in parts this year. And honestly, it’s okay. I got to do multiple meals instead of one. I had two of the three girls Christmas Eve. Then my Mel and her fiancé came over later and we hung out and they ate the leftovers. Then we did Christmas day with Katie and the boyfriend.

For Christmas day dinner, we had planned a roasted duck. Unfortunately, my duck was not thawed. So, the hubby and I hit the grocery store. We found a eye of round roast. While I know it’s not a ribeye, it was good. And I made my own horseradish and then made a horseradish butter to go with it. It was delicious. We had roasted potatoes and creamed spinach as sides. The creamed spinach was runnier than I prefer, but still tasted delicious. Oh, and I learned that if you make your own prepared horesradish, you should not get too close. That stuff is powerful!

On Monday, my husband did the cooking. He made some apple and gouda chicken sausages and fries. Honestly, this was delicious. And a welcome reprieve from cooking since I was in some pretty major pain.

However, I had some chicken leg quarters thawed that had been planned for several days before, so I had to make a dinner. I also had some burrata that was nearing it’s expiration date and you don’t waste burrata. So, I made a nice heirloom tomato and burrata salad and served it with roasted chicken leg quarters. I also sauteed some beans. I can’t identify them or haven’t made the effort. They were green but weren’t the normal green beans I use. They were still good and I added some new potatoes with them, which was a good combination.

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