Wow! It’s 2023. I know, it’s like three months in and we just went through daylight savings time and resetting our clocks, so I’m a little behind. Obviously, I’m a bit late to this party. I don’t know why I haven’t been writing. I made this big post back in October of 2022 about how helpful blogging is to my mental health and how I was going to get caught up on my blogs and then nothing. Hopefully, some of you are still following me out there but as I dive back in, I decided I needed to do my annual new year blog to evaluate what I feel I accomplished last year, where I fell short of my goals, and what I want to do this year.

Looking back at my 2022 new year’s post, I met NONE of my goals. I only managed to post 23 blogs, way short of my goal of posting one a week in addition to the diary if I continued it. I have obviously stopped that diary. It became tedious and frankly less interesting since we were no longer living in quarantine and trying to figure things out with what we had or could easily obtain without interacting with other humans. We are back to interacting with the other humans, sometimes to my dismay. I only posted one recipe. That is a pretty sad statistic, especially since I’ve come up with some pretty incredible dishes this past year. And I never got to that goal of coming up with a coconut free korma, making a prime rib, or trying out that duck again.

Oh well. It’s a new year and a fresh chance to set goals and try again. This year I want to keep those goals simple. I want to publish more recipes. I’ve already started updating and tweaking some that I have improved on since they were posted. I did get really into Indian cooking last year and now have a couple of versions of daal that we all love. I also recently made my first chicken shawarma and that was fantastic. I’d like to continue exploring the Indian cuisine but I’d also like to explore some Thai cooking this year. And even though we’re already in March, I’m going to set that goal to publish at least 50 blogs this year. I say this know that I just posted a blog that I drafted back in October about time spent in Oaxaca in June! But it’s a goal, right?

Hopefully, some of you will come with me this year as I explore food and return to my love of blabbing about my food and about my kitchen.

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