New Year’s Day Dinner 2021

So I don't usually put a lot of recipes into the actual blog. I like having them separate, but I thought I would write about our New Year's Day dinner this year because I was especially proud of it. I did a separate blog on the superstitions associated with this meal, so I won't go … Continue reading New Year’s Day Dinner 2021

Life Without My Food Processor

In mid-February, my food processor/blender stopped working. The blades just were not turning anymore. This was discovered in the midst of needing the shredder for the meal I was preparing, so it was very stressful. Anyway, I contacted Cuisinart's customer service the next day and was informed I would need to send it in for … Continue reading Life Without My Food Processor

Pasta Masochist

I have a nice little pasta machine. It's the hand crank style, nothing super fancy. I've had it for more than a decade. I've used this machine maybe once a year. Every so often, I decide I want to make fresh pasta, and I drag the medieval contraption out from whatever generally unopened, dark cabinet … Continue reading Pasta Masochist