Quarantine Week 16

Falling behind on these journal entries these days. I'm not even sure they are that interesting anymore, but I keep telling myself they'll make for an interesting read 20 years from now. I may be lying to myself. Thursday (7/9), I didn't take any pictures. Okay, I took one picture of the 10 year old's … Continue reading Quarantine Week 16

Stop People Pleasing and Just Cook!

So, I spend a ton of time trying to figure out how to feed my family nutritious and exciting meals. Some days, that can be a positive experience, and others it is a major heartache. First, we have a 10-year-old. Any parents out there know that kids are notoriously frustrating when it comes to food. … Continue reading Stop People Pleasing and Just Cook!

Quarantine Week 8 – the saga continues

We made it through another week of this adventure. There were a couple of burns and a few less than totally successful cooking moments, but we are still going strong in our little bubble. Thursday (5/14) started with ham and cheddar scrambled eggs for the husband and I and a sweet pepper omelet for the … Continue reading Quarantine Week 8 – the saga continues