Quarantine Week 16

Falling behind on these journal entries these days. I'm not even sure they are that interesting anymore, but I keep telling myself they'll make for an interesting read 20 years from now. I may be lying to myself. Thursday (7/9), I didn't take any pictures. Okay, I took one picture of the 10 year old's … Continue reading Quarantine Week 16

Stop People Pleasing and Just Cook!

So, I spend a ton of time trying to figure out how to feed my family nutritious and exciting meals. Some days, that can be a positive experience, and others it is a major heartache. First, we have a 10-year-old. Any parents out there know that kids are notoriously frustrating when it comes to food. … Continue reading Stop People Pleasing and Just Cook!

Quarantine Week 11

We are still quarantining here in Chicago. Our city has entered "Phase 3" of reopening. This means people are flocking to restaurants with outdoor dining and getting their hair cut. We are not ready to take the risks involved with those activities, given the number of experts we still hear using the words "we don't … Continue reading Quarantine Week 11