Returning to Writng

Well, I took a pretty decent hiatus from writing. I think my last post was while I was in Mexico over the summer. Pretty sure I have a few drafts I need to finish from that period, but I thought I’d post a little note first. After returning to Chicago at the end of June, life got super busy. I’ve had to focus on some job related things for the last several months. However, as some of the bigger projects come to a close, I am reminded that cooking and writing about cooking are like my yoga. They refresh me. They allow me to exhale all of the feels.

You can rest assured I have been cooking and if you want to check out some of the dishes, my instagram is out there. I have a list of recipes I want to post that I’ve come up with this year and hopefully, many of them will end up on my Recipes page soon. First, I want to spend some time updating and editing some of the pages already there. I don’t generally use my editor (a.k.a. husband) on those pages and it really shows. But what I lack in good editorial skills, I make up for with flavor. Okay, ya, that was ego.

I’m probably not going to make my posting goals for 2022, but then this project is not about quotas or deadlines. This is about feeling good and sharing what makes me happy with those near and far. In any case, pardon my absence and please pardon the deluge of posts that will likely follow as I catch up on 2022’s kitchen happenings.

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