Food Diary Weeks 99-100 (2/17-3/2)

While my 100th post on this series should come with more fanfare, I have decided to combine these two weeks. I’ve done this mostly because there will be separate blog on my food while in Mexico. I left on the 16th and returned the 27th, so this will be shorter post of what I know my family was eating in my absence.

So, I made beiroks and some savory pastry things that could be frozen but made for good quick meals should the hubby be overstressed. I think this made him more determined to prove he could feed them without me. He made my spinach pesto and made a really nice looking pesto pizza. He said he put a tone of garlic in his and he really liked it.

He also picked himself up some lunch meat, so there were sandwiches on non-kid nights and he did eat quite a few of the bieroks for lunch. There was, of course, also the taquito night…which let’s be honest, would have happened even if I were home. We do that at least a couple of times a month.

He joined me for the 25th-1st, so I’ll post his eating adventures from then in my blog about eating my way through Oaxaca.

He did take the kiddo out to our favorite neighborhood spot, Rockwell’s Bar and Grill. It was her only her second time to dine-in at a restaurant since March of 2020. Ya, I know, we were a bit overprotective, but I’m still glad we were. But she’s fully vaxed now and numbers in our area are very low. So, they went out and had dinner at one of our favorite places. He even let her have the brownie dessert.

He made the spinach pesto a second time and served it with farfalle pasta. Apparently, this was also a big hit. And he did another pizza night, but this time, made himself a sausage and garlic pizza. He said he actually rolled the dough too thin, something we didn’t really think possible. He said it was good, but some of the edges burnt a bit because it was so thin. It also had some structural issues due to the weight of the sausage.

So yes, my hubby and kiddo managed to eat just fine without me. I’d argue not as well…which I don’t think they’d dare disagree with, but they ate well. Maybe I’ll start letting him take pizza nights. He seems to really like experimenting with the pizza dough and toppings. And let’s face it, I don’t get super excited about making pizza.

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