Food Diary Week 97 (2/3-2/9)

I’m going to be honest. The photos from this particular week look like a teenager’s food diary. This is definitely not going to go down as my healthiest week of food posting.

So there were taquitos from the freezer. My husband and I sometimes settle on this when it’s been a particularly long or stressful day and we don’t have kids. This simply involves putting them in the oven and then spooning a big bowl of sour cream for dipping. Yep, that is one healthy dinner. But wait, there was also a Chinese take-out night. So you have your crab Rangoon, pot stickers, pork fried rice, and General Tsao’s chicken. Yep, that is all healthy. Well, at least they give you a couple of pieces of broccoli with the chicken.

Also on the menu was fried shrimp and French fries. These were at least homemade. Well, the shrimp. The fries were straight out of a bag. I’d like the get the oil a bit hotter next time as I like the shrimp a little darker, but I didn’t think it was bad for my first attempt at making my own fried shrimp. I’ve surely told you all about my shrimp discovery.

We did do shrimp tacos. I know, tacos aren’t the healthiest food normally, but these were actually pretty good for you. I sauteed up some shrimp with Cape Cod bay seasoning and we had some roasted broccoli on the side. For the kid, I did refried beans, so she had bean and cheese tacos. And there was also some grilled shrimp with beans and broccoli.

Okay, I didn’t break any major cooking barriers this week. But the next post has a few interesting things going on and I promise it gets interesting after that as well!

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