Food Diary Week 93 (1/6-1/12)

So, I went on a “break” from cooking at the beginning of 2022. No, this was not a much needed break from meal planning and preparation. My shoulder was injured and I needed to not be standing in my kitchen, chopping, stirring, mashing, and picking up all manners of heavy appliances and such. So the next couple of entries are not going to be filled with wild food adventures, but we did eat. Sadly, a lot of it was take-out or leftovers, but still, we ate.

We started with a charcuturie plate. The other law firm that I work with had sent me a lovely charcuturie box for the holidays, so we broke that out. I will say that my favorite part was this crunchy sweet and salty nut mix. It was unlike anything I’ve tried. I don’t even know how to describe it. It had fried cashews and soybeans and was just delicious.

We then ordered Chinese food on Friday to start off our no kid weekend. This led to Chinese leftovers on Saturday. Sunday was just a fridge clean-out of whatever leftovers were in there. On Monday, I got very adventurous and warmed up a couple of types of soup that have been in my freezer for months. One of them was a chicken soup that a friend had given me, and it was delicious. On Tuesday, I kind of cooked. Well, I made black beans in the instant pot, and we had black bean tacos.

Wednesday, I again employed the trusty instant pot and made vegetable stir-fried rice. We still had some chicken stir-fried rice from the Chinese order, so this allowed my husband to still have some meat with his. But we both agreed that he needed to add some of the vegetable one to his because the take-out seriously lacked vegetables.

So like I said, not a lot of kitchen adventures this week. In fact, it looked like I remember meals looking when I was working crazy hours or in school. But we ate well and my shoulder will heal and I’ll get back in there and make something crazy soon.

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