Covid Life Food Diary Week 89

I’m thinking of retitling this food journal yet again in the new year. I don’t know. I’ll probably sit down and do my review of 2021 and that will inform my decision. I just feel like sometimes we need a fresh start. And I’d really like 2022 not to be a year in a life with Covid. Let me be clear, none of us have had covid in my household, but the whole world has been living with Covid for almost two years and I don’t know about you, but I’m tired.

Okay, as good as week 88 looked, my photos from 12/9-12/15 look a little lacking. But I do have some excuses for it. Our youngest hit her fully vaccinated date this week, so of course that required some celebrating. When asked what she wanted to do when fully vaxed, she said she wanted to go out to eat in a restaurant. So, that’s what we did. We went to a little pasta place in the neighborhood. It felt okay for a few reasons. It’s a small place. It wasn’t very busy inside. And everyone there was great about masks and such. Also, I got to have lobster ravioli, which was delicious. The kid, of course, got fettucine alfredo. She always chooses alfredo when it’s available.

We also did the Chriskindle Market with all the kids this week. This has been a tradition for me and my two girls since I moved into the city nearly a decade ago. I started including the little one when we all moved in together. However, last year, we obviously didn’t go since it was cancelled. So this year, we all went, including my newest grandbabies. The kids each picked out an ornament at the market and then we went to Macy’s and picked out another to make up for the missed year. Unfortunately, the market was way too crowded to eat and almost everything else downtown was closed. So we ended up just hitting a Sonic drive-thru on the way home.

We also did delivery and got sushi this week. I had been really wanting it since I was thwarted by the last happy hour plan. And it was cold out, so neither the hubby nor I wanted to walk to pick it up. We ended up getting two maki rolls, some nigiri, eggrolls and crab Rangoon. It was delicious and we ate every bite.

But don’t worry, I did some cooking this week. On Friday, I made porkchops, mashed potatoes and sauteed green beans. I made extra pork chops, so I took the leftovers and for another meal reheated them in the oven over some apples and onions. It was pretty good.

I also made jambalaya this week. That was a thing! My husband and I have been concerned with the carbon footprint and some slave labor issues related to eating shrimp. We set out to find wild gulf caught shrimp. This is not a simple thing. We tried the fish guy near us. We then drove all over town trying various places. We finally found them at Whole Foods. They were frozen and not inexpensive, but we really wanted to make jambalaya. It came out wonderful…the next night. I was exhausted when we got home and we just ended up eating leftovers.

So not as much cooking and definitely less creativity this week. But you know the holidays are coming and that’s going to necessitate the cooking. So I feel like giving myself a break and getting new ornaments was definitely important this week.

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