Covid Life Week 85

Well, I’m only about a week behind on these posts. Oh well, I’ve accepted that this is the way it is. I’ve had a long day and I’m grumpy and tomorrow will be even longer, so excuse me if I sound a bit sassy tonight. Let’s talk food.

Thursday (11/11) – My husband had bought some weird gyro sausages, so I decided to make gyro pitas. I was basing this off this Bosnian sausage pita thing at a local restaurant I like. This was not that. The sausages were pretty weird. We probably won’t try those again.

Friday (11/12) – I had fried chicken on the menu, but we ended up just doing leftovers.

Saturday (11/13) – We had Culver’s. I haven’t had it in forever and we took a drive up north to take a cat tree to Katie’s boyfriend’s house, so we stopped on the way. We ordered way too much food and sadly ate most of it. I like their cheese curds okay, but I’ve had better. The onion rings were good. And the burgers were fantastic.

Sunday (11/14) – I finally made the Swedish meatballs. They were really good. I love that recipe. I swear, you could put nutmeg on a shoe and I’d like it. Maybe I should have added the photo of my burnt hand. I start this dish stovetop and finish in the oven and I totally grabbed the hot pan with my bare hand forgetting it had just come out of the oven. Dope!

Monday (11/15) – We just did leftovers again. We still had meatballs and all kinds of stuff.

Tuesday (11/16) – Don’t laugh, but another leftover night. Seriously, I make portions that feed the entire building.

Wednesday (11/17) – We ordered takeout. We had Paprika, our favorite neighborhood Indian place. Sadly, the kid ordered this spinach daal dish and she asked for medium and I’m telling you that this was fire! Our chicken korma was amazing!

Okay, other than the meatballs, not much actual cooking this week. I definitely have better cooking weeks, but believe it or not, we ate pretty well.

One thought on “Covid Life Week 85

  1. The Swedish meatballs look delectable! Interestingly, I’ve been seeing Swedish meatballs in my IG feed — as IKEA opened its first Philippine branch, with a sit-down restaurant to boot.


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