Covid Life Food Diary Week 84

Well, we are into November. 2021 is almost over. I’m going to tell you up front that November was not my best cooking month. I love cooking. I also love my work. I’m still learning to balance the two now that the work is more abundant. I also do a lot of traveling around these days. Okay, I basically travel back and forth to Arkansas. I feel a need to see my mamma more this year. Hopefully, 2022 brings her my way at least once.

Thursday (11/4) – I tried doing the oven fried chicken again. This time, I didn’t do so well with the breading. Much of it came off. But I made roasted potatoes with it and they were pretty decent. Overall, this one gets a C+.

Friday (11/5) – Ok, so I reheated the baked spaghetti and served it with a little side salad. The kiddo still won’t touch dressing. Okay, so she ate a very boring, dry salad. Either way, she ate it, which was impressive.

Saturday (11/6) – I reheated a broccoli and cheese soup I had made several months ago and frozen. It was decent. It was definitely not my best batch of this particular soup.

Sunday (11/7) – We ordered Taco Bell. Ya, it’s not health. And ya, we do it way too often. But we just love those damned crappy tacos and burritos.

Monday (11/8) – We just had leftovers. We still had more of the chicken and potatoes and it was just easy.

Tuesday (11/9) – I made a pasta with green beans and burst tomato sauce. It came out pretty well. I might cut the green beans a bit smaller next time and I think more cheese would be a good addition, but it worked out okay.

Wednesday (11/10) – I made a vegetable risotto, but I made it with a mix of barley and arborio rice. I tossed in some broccoli and fresh basil. It was pretty hearty. I might try it again, but this time with some peas and maybe carrots.

So I got a little adventurous this week, but ya, there’s that fast food monster again. But you know what, I get to do that. I’m tired of being hard on myself for it. I enjoy food. I enjoy good, homemade hearty food. And I enjoy crappy drive-thru food. It’s okay. I give me permission to love both.

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