Covid Life Food Diary Week 83

Yep, still catching up. Stay with me, I promise it is like a car crash. You just can’t look away. I’m kidding. Those that follow me know that I have great cooking weeks and I have incredibly dull cooking weeks. I wish I could say I rocked it every week, but only people on TV have that in them and let’s face it, they have sous-chefs and other people to clean it up.

Thursday (10/28) – Well, to celebrate another year of yours truly surviving on this planet, we had planned a nice fancy dinner from our favorite French bistro. Instead, we had a lot of wine and I wanted fast food. So, yep, we had crappy fast food for my birthday.

Friday (10/29) – I kept my sweet grandbaby all afternoon. He’s 3. He’s like having three kids. He’s just super spoiled because he has a stay-at-home parent and so he requires a lot of attention. But it was an exhausting day. So we just ate leftovers is the moral of the story.

Saturday (10/30) – We went out to Rockwell’s for brunch. I had a really awesome waffle sandwich thing and the potato cakes. Okay, the potato cakes were kept for leftovers later because that waffle sandwich was super-filling.

Sunday (10/31) – I’m not going to lie. We had McDonalds. We had gone out shopping and running errands and got hungry later in the afternoon.

Monday (11/1) – We ordered Chinese. We got the General Tsao’s chicken and it was pretty damned good. We also got some crab Rangoon and eggrolls, which are always a staple.

Tuesday (11/2) – Well, we did take out twice in a row. If it’s a real meal and not fast food, it’s okay right? We ended up ordering Italian beef sandwiches. We had leftover tomato soup that we gave the kid.

Wednesday (11/3) – I made baked pasta marinara. I had some marinara out and everyone seems to like it okay if I spread it on some cooked pasta, top with shredded cheese and bake until crispy brown on top. It’s not rocket science, but it’s edible.

Well, we’re up to November. See, almost caught up…except December starts tomorrow. But we are in my favorite season so I need to stop seeing the word leftovers on my damned calendar. Really, do we even have that many leftovers? Okay, we do. I cook way too much every time I cook. But still, I’m currently setting a December goal to have 4 or fewer “leftovers” and 5 or fewer “take out nights”.

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