My Favorite Food During Lockdown

My therapist asked me what my favorite dish I made was during lockdown. I couldn’t answer. That’s such a tough question. I love food. I love a lot of foods. Like, you’d be amazed how much I love food. So, I went back through my weekly journal of food to try to decide. I couldn’t.

I love that we discovered pork shanks. Braised pork shanks are definitely in my top ten dishes this year. However, I also really love the fried chicken recipe I developed after multiple tries. It took so many attempts but ultimately is delicious. I also am totally gaga over my Swedish meatballs. And learning Michael Symon’s technique for roasting chicken in the oven at super high heat and fast was amazing.

Moving off meats, that French onion mac ‘n cheese is amazing. So is my alfredo. That wasn’t developed during pandemic but is a favorite around the house. Eleanor and Katie both love it, though Katie prefers it with some shrimp. And that pesto pita pizza is incredible. While we are kind of burnt out on it after like three months straight of having it every Friday, it’ll definitely stay in our rotation, just maybe not every week. Also, taco Tuesdays have yielded many winners, especially the cheese sauce I made for the crunch wraps.

Our youngest used to always ask “What’s your favorite_____________”. Fill in the blank. She would ask it for everything. It drove me nuts. I would constantly answer that I don’t have a favorite. I don’t. Especially with food. I love food. I love making food. So no, I don’t have a favorite dish I made. I loved it all.

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