Semi-Quarantined Life Week 79

At this point, I can’t even really say we are quarantined. I mean, we are still super cautious, but we go to stores and shop in person, our youngest is in school in-person most of the time. We’ve actually even started socializing a little, with our vaccinated friends of course. Hell, I’m even going to go do a work retreat! But let’s talk about food.

Thursday (9/30) – In one of my best “we have no kids” cheater meals, we had chili cheese dip and chips for dinner. Come on, is it really all that different from just having chili? I mean, the chili has lots of good stuff. There is just more cheese.

Friday (10/1) – I made a baked macaroni and cheese with broccoli. We had a head of broccoli that needed eating and mac n’ cheese is always a winner. I didn’t do a crumb topping this time but did crisp a nice layer of cheese on top.

Saturday (10/2) – We started the day with eggs benedict. I had an urge for hollandaise sauce. My sauce was a little thinner than normal, but very good. I didn’t even try with the kid this time. I just made her a boring flat egg. For dinner I made a vegetarian lasagna. I had leftover Romanesco sauce from last week, so I used it for the sauce. I wilted three bunches of fresh spinach with garlic and salt. And I layered ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese, lasagna noodles and spinach. It was really good.

Sunday (10/3) – We just had leftovers. Nothing exciting. I had to work an event in our neighborhood and was just exhausted after that.

Monday (10/4) – We just did a reboot of the baked macaroni and cheese. I added a bit more cheese to it and served it with Brussels sprouts.

Tuesday (10/5) – I think we’re getting over taco night. However, I made steak tacos. I had leftover refried black beans, so we fed those to the little vegetarian. Overall, everyone seemed happy.

Wednesday (10/6) – This was leftover smorgasbord. I reheated leftover vegetarian lasagna, baked mac n’ cheese and roast a little broccoli on the side. We ate most of it, but there was a bit of the lasagna left.

I feel like my meals are getting boring. Also, why did we have so much pasta in one week. I really need to spice things up. But life has been busy and so for now, I’m setting a goal to eat more of what is in the freezer.

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