Semi-Quarantined Life Week 78

Well, yes, we are still being careful. But we are going out more. I’m even volunteering at a festival next week. I’m also slightly relieved that it may rain. And the kid is back to in-person school, sort of. I’d explain that more, but that’s a whole other blog topic. Let’s talk food.

Thursday (9/23) – My husband made the most amazing ham and cheese sandwiches on leftover baguettes for lunch. For dinner, we ordered Portillo’s. I had a serious craving for a chili cheese dog. Unfortunately, delivery got so delayed that I just went to bed. I ate the chili cheese dog for lunch the next day. My helpful husband ate my cheese fries since “they won’t reheat”.

Friday (9/24) – I was supposed to have a backyard happy hour cook out with some friends. Unfortunately, I got two-thirds of the way there and they called me because a major storm was rolling in. So, I headed back home, luckily in time for my husband to add a grilled ham and cheese sandwich for me to the pan. He made grilled ham and cheese for us and grilled cheese for the kiddo.

Saturday (9/25) – I made blini with roasted peppers and eggplant caviar. I typically do not like eggplant except in parmesan, but this was delicious. I used a recipe from The French Laundry. I had to make a couple of small modifications based on ingredients available, but it was really good. It was also a lot of work. If you get this cookbook, remember that he has a whole kitchen crew.

Sunday (9/26) – I pan seared some pork chops and served them with a simple side salad. I used rosemary and garlic with the pork chops, which is my favorite seasoning for them. The salad was just leftover iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and dressing. I don’t typically like iceberg lettuce for salads, but we had it left over from sandwiches earlier in the week.

Monday (9/27) – I baked some chicken thighs with yellow gold potatoes. I baked the potatoes about 10 minutes before I added the chicken to the sheet pan because they tend to take longer to cook to the desired doneness. The potatoes with the chicken fat flavor were excellent. For the chicken, I just simply used salt and pepper. They were excellent.

Tuesday (9/28) – I made charred cauliflower tacos with a Romanesco sauce. It was amazing. I found the recipe in an issue of Food & Wine. I’d like more flavor on the cauliflower, so I might spice it up next time. But I could eat that Romanesco sauce on a shoe.

Wednesday (9/29) – We ended up ordering takeout from Rockwell’s. I got nachos and the hubby got the Texas eggrolls. We also ordered a couple of corndogs and a pizza puff. Where I am from, there is something called a pizza puff and it’s gross. A pizza puff in the Midwest is pretty much equivalent to my favorite fried burrito from down south, which anyone who knows me will tell you is a major compliment. It’s amazing.

So, two nights of take out this week. Not really the goal. I’m still working on that. But we did cook the other nights, so that’s improvement. For October, my goal is going to be to do better at meal planning and make sure I’m not wasting. I feel like our food waste has gotten out of hand since I’ve been working more, and life is less confined. So that is my goal. I expect you to hold me to it.

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