Semi-Quarantined Life Week 77

This was hopefully the last truly hot week this year. Fall is here after all, so I want cool days and even cooler nights. But don’t worry, I’ll be complaining about the cold before we know it. But Covid numbers are trending down in Chicago and vaccine numbers are trending up so let’s keep a positive attitude.

Thursday (9/16) – We ordered takeout again! I know, I just said we should stop that. We ordered Krispy Krunchy Chicken, which is super cheap and super unhealthy, but also super wonderful. They make these amazing honey butter biscuits that are just irresistible.

Friday (9/17) – We just had leftovers again. Unfortunately, we did not have leftover chicken. Someone accidentally left it out on the counter. Such a waste.

Saturday (9/18) – I made homemade Philly cheesesteaks. I stumbled onto some super thin sliced steaks at our local grocery store and so I picked up some rolls and provolone and voila. I served them with onion rings that we had picked up in the freezer section of a restaurant supply store. I don’t know what restaurant is serving these, but I don’t think I want to go there. Think very little onion and flavorless batter. Next time, I’ll make my own.

Sunday (9/19) – I made a pork roast in the instant pot. I had planned to smoke it, but I slept late and didn’t really want to be eating dinner at midnight. I through in some onions with it and it was delicious. And yes, you can do a roast in the instant pot. The trick is to let it natural release. If you quick release, the meat will seize and be tough.

Monday (9/20) – We had taquitos. I know, there were pork roast leftovers, but taquitos just sounded good.

Tuesday (9/21) – I made what I’m calling a family style quesadilla. I took four large flour tortillas and laid them overlapping like a Venn diagram. I then topped those with soyrizo, black beans, diced green chilis, tomatoes, onions and a mix of cheddar and Chihuahua cheeses. I then folded them up sort of like the crunch wraps. I had intended to include corn, but it turned out we were out of frozen corn. I think that would make them even better. I had the husband pick up some guacamole on his way home. I don’t think this was one of the kid’s favorite taco nights. She didn’t seem to eat much of it, though she claimed it was good but “really filling”. I believe that is her new version of “it’s spicy” which she used to say about anything she didn’t like.

Wednesday (9/22) – The kid had been asking for broccoli and cheese soup, so I reheated some I had in the freezer. The hubby picked up a baguette on his way home to go with it. I also reheated some chicken gumbo soup I had in the freezer as neither soup was frozen in portions to feed three. Between the two though, it was a satisfying meal.

Count them. It was at least three nights of real cooking. And there was only one take out night. I’d like to get that down to 1-2 per month, but we’ll see how things go. Also, I’m now all caught up with this series. Now I just need to write more interest pieces

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