Semi-Quarantined Life Week 76

I’m almost caught up to the present week. Of course, I’ll commit to keeping them current. But we’ll all know I am probably lying…or just wishful thinking. But hey, we all just do the best we can! This week saw some food victories and of course, some less than victorious moments.

Thursday (9/9) – We got takeout from Rockwell’s. I know, we do that a lot. I think I’ve mentioned it is one of our favorite places. Their chicken sandwich is one of my favorite foods. I occasionally mix it up, but that is my go-to on their menu.

Friday (9/10) – We did the pesto pita pizzas again. This is getting a bit old. I kind of want to try making a white pizza, but I’d still have to make two because I definitely would want chicken on mine.

Saturday (9/11) – I got a little ambitious on Saturday. First, I made sausage, egg and cheese biscuit sandwiches for brunch. We’re talking complete with making my own breakfast sausage and homemade biscuits. Surprisingly, the kiddo said she liked her egg and cheese biscuit sandwich. This is kind of a victory as she has been resistant to these kinds of things in the past. Dinner did not go as well. I made braised mushrooms served over creamy polenta. The creamy cauliflower was a fluke. She complained about the texture of the polenta and barely ate any of it. But this dish is vegan!

Sunday (9/12) – We ordered Taco Bell. I know, this would be more impressive if we ever even changed up the order. But we don’t. We always order the party pack with four burritos and four soft tacos.

Monday (9/13) – We just did leftovers. There were no kids around and it was simple.

Tuesday (9/14) For taco night this week, I decided we should try the blue corn hard tortilla shells from Trader Joe’s. To be honest, they don’t really add anything to the taco. But I made steak and soyrizo and refried beans for filling. No one touched the soyrizo. I don’t know if it is that they just preferred the new steak option or that we are over the soyrizo, at least for a bit.

Wednesday (9/15) – We ordered pizza. The youngest is doing a reading challenge sponsored by our neighborhood bookshop and we added small rewards for each book she completes to help motivate on some categories that might otherwise be a struggle. So, she cashed in a prize to choose takeout for dinner. There’s this awesome place in our neighborhood that does the brick oven pizzas, and they are amazing.

We’ve gotten on a bit of a takeout rhythm lately. I’d like us to do better with that but a big piece of it is me getting my stuff together and meal planning. I have not been doing so great at that lately. But this only really cooking about one day a week thing has to get fixed. Otherwise, I don’t have much to write about and I like doing this.

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