Semi-Quarantined Week 72

Fall cannot come soon enough. I usually kind of like the summer. But Covid-life has taken away a lot of the things I like about it. We aren’t going to ballgames…not that the team doesn’t suck this year anyway. And we don’t go to the beach because of crowds. And the festivals are all mostly still cancelled. And it’s hot. We are seeing record heat indexes and such this year. But despite this heat, we had a pretty descent food week.

Thursday (8/12) – We had hotdogs and french fries. I didn’t say it was a healthy food week.

Friday (8/13) – It was another happy hour night on the patio at my favorite neighborhood bar with my friend. Numbers are ticking up. And I feel like we hear about break through cases daily now. My husband keeps reminding me that the percentage of those is still pretty low. But a big topic of our evening was whether we will keep doing these things in person. The hubby and kid did the pesto pizzas again. But I did make the pesto for him, as he swears it is much better than the store-bought versions.

Saturday (8/14) – So, I had to do a little bed rest this weekend. I fell during the week and well, busted my ass. Don’t worry, nothing was broken, just a pretty intense bruise to the tailbone. I was advised to stay off my feet for a few days. So my wonderful husband made my enchilada recipe. I had planned on them and kind of had my heart set and even though I insisted he didn’t have to do it, I really appreciated that he did. They came out wonderful. And I only backseat cooked a little from my little chair in the kitchen.

Sunday (8/15) – I did a braised ham hock and served it with salad. I’d seen this idea online and well, we love pork shanks. This is not as good. There is a lot of fat on a ham hock. There is very little meat. I didn’t hate it, but I wouldn’t do it again. And I guess that’s good since my husband did hate it. Sometimes experiments don’t work out.

Monday (8/16) – We had the kid an extra night to make up for some missed ones last week. I made a couscous with feta, sweet peppers and shallots. I also made some sautéed shrimp to go on top for the hubby and myself. The kid loved the couscous. I wasn’t surprised with her love of pasta, but I was surprised a little that the feta was a hit.

Tuesday (8/17) – This week was extra special because I got a new mortar and pestle. It’s huge! But it was perfect for making guacamole. For the main dish, I made a taco bake. I layered tortilla chips, soyrizo, pico de gallo, and cheese in a casserole dish. This time, I also added sour cream in the layers. I think it was much better this way.

Wednesday (8/18) – For Christmas, my husband gave the youngest a coupon book. One of the coupons was that she gets to pick what’s for dinner. So she decided to use that this week and asked for fondue because she spends too much time watching Alton Brown. I also happen to have gotten a “new to us” fondue pot this summer. I used a recipe I found on Food Network’s Kitchen app, but I had to make some on-the-fly adjustments because the cheese wasn’t getting the right consistency. In the end, the cheese was a little thicker than it should be, so I’ll have to try that again with a different recipe. However, it was pretty good.

Look at that! No leftovers and no take-out. Okay, I did go out to eat once. But there was a lot of cooking this week.

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