Semi-Quarantined Life Week 71

Well, the second week of August was a little rough. My Katie, her boyfriend, and his sister all tested positive for Covid. Fortunately, she didn’t really have any symptoms. He was pretty sick. They are vaccinated, so these were break-through cases. But they are okay now as I write this post. And my husband, myself and our youngest all have been tested and were negative. Fortunately, Katie had only been home once for a couple of hours, and we weren’t really all in the same space while she was here. So anyway, let’s talk about food because it’s more fun.

Thursday (8/5) – This dinner was the couple of hours Katie was home. She made fried chicken and sautéed green beans. It was very good. I helped a little with how to set up the frying oil and such, but mostly she took care of dinner.

Friday (8/6) – We just did leftovers. Often a no-kid Friday results in taquitos or something similarly unhealthy, so I think leftovers is an improvement.

Saturday (8/7) – We made chili-cheese dogs. We had leftover chili in the freezer, and it just sounded good. No, there were no veggies. This was not a health food night. Sadly, this was a more watery batch of chili, which isn’t best for this, but it was still good.

Sunday (8/8) – I made a pork loin with apples and onions in the instant pot. Don’t believe what you hear about the meat being tough or seizing up. If you use a natural release, that does not happen. But the timing is important because the meat will continue to cook during the release, so be conservative with how much time you set it for cooking.

Monday (8/9) – We ordered take-out from a local Chinese place. We got a thing of their General Tsao’s chicken, some crab Rangoon and eggrolls. Sadly, while we were waiting for our food, my husband literally watched one of our neighbors hit our brand new car. When I say brand new, I mean that I haven’t even made the first payment. The whole ordeal was just frustrating. Sadly, we don’t think he even had insurance or even that it was his car. Anyway, the food was good.

Tuesday (8/10) – We were supposed to have the kid, but she flaked on us, so we ended up just doing leftovers.

Wednesday (8/11) – We ordered Taco Bell. I know, winning the health award on this one. Let me tell you that I learned a lesson. I ordered online and there was an option to add jalapenos. Yeah, because with my stomach issues, I should really add jalapenos to a food that is already going to leave me moaning on the floor. I will tell you that they don’t skimp on the jalapenos. And they are big slices, not diced up pieces. We won’t do that again. Not the Taco Bell. I’m sure that’ll happen again, but not with jalapenos.

Well, other than the instant pot, I really didn’t do much cooking this week. I guess everyone has an off week. I may be having a bit of an off month. I guess that’s not good for writing this blog. I’ll try to get it together. Thanks for bearing with me.

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