Semi-Quarantined Life Week 68

I don’t know. Should I change the title again? I’ve been toying with something along the lines of Living with Covid, cause I think that is what we are all going to be doing for a while. We’re not really quarantined currently, though with the way things have been going, that could definitely happen again. We do still keep our youngest, who cannot yet be vaccinated, in a pretty small bubble. I guess I will see what happens in the next few weeks. For now, let’s talk food…because it is just more fun.

Thursday (7/15) – As you know, I was in Spain, but you know, the kid and the husband still have to eat back home. Well, he actually didn’t have the kid on Thursday, so just the hubby. He made himself a sandwich. I actually got to video chat with him while he was making it. Yes, we’re that cheesy couple.

Friday (7/16) – I had purchased some really good pitas for the hubby to make pita pizzas. He got some store bought pesto and Italian sausage, which he insists is not as good as mine. But, it looks like they ate pretty well. At this point, I’m pretty sure the kid could make these pizzas. They are so simple and yet so delicious.

Saturday (7/17) – They had grilled cheese. This is a bit more impressive when you consider that we don’t buy sliced cheese, so there was a little work involved for the husband. I believe he also fed her mini sweet peppers, which she tends to enjoy.

Sunday (7/18) – Since it was a no kid night, the hubby cooked up what was left of the Italian sausage he had bought for the pizza night. He loves sausage.

Monday (7/19) – My husband did a happy hour with some friends at Rockwell’s patio. We probably eat out there more than anywhere else. Actually, I know we do. We used to live like three doors down from it. Now it’s a couple of blocks, but still super close and convenient.

Tuesday (7/20) – I came home from Spain! We actually ordered takeout from Rockwell’s. Yes, the husband had Rockwell’s two days in a row. Everyone else did keep with the Taco Tuesday night. He had a taco salad and the girls had the veggie burritos. I, craving some veggies, went for the chopped chicken salad, but with ranch dressing this time. There weren’t a lot of veggies in Spain. I’m not saying they didn’t have any, but most menus we saw either paired them with things I don’t really like, such as salmon, or the veggies were tomatoes. We did eat plenty of tomatoes.

Wednesday (7/21) – I recreated a tomato salad I’d had in Spain and served it with roasted cauliflower and a couscous that Katie made. The couscous was kind of Greek in flavors and was delicious. We may have rediscovered couscous. I made some minor changes over the tomato salad I had tried. I minced the garlic finely with coarse salt and let some of the oils be drawn out before topping the tomatoes. I also think that it would be good with some feta sprinkled over it, so maybe we’ll try that next.

See, I did manage to cook once this week! Okay, well, Katie and I cooked. Don’t worry, I’ll be back to making my crazy hacks of restaurant recipes or rehashes of old school stuff you can now find in the frozen section or a box soon enough.

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