Semi-Quarantined Life Week 67

Okay, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that things were going to get a bit interesting, so let’s tell you why. About a month ago, maybe a month and a half, I took a giant leap and bought airline tickets to Spain. My sister was already going and had invited me to join her. She went for a full three weeks and is still there as I write this. Well, she’s actually in Germany for a few days and then will be back in Spain. I could only go for one week because I don’t have a job where I get summers off. So, I met her in Seville. But let’s talk about the week and then I’ll do a separate blog all about that.

Thursday (7/8) – We just did leftovers. We had lots of stuff from last week and plans to do lots on the weekend, so we decided easy was best.

Friday (7/9) – I was supposed to do a brisket, but I spent about 3 hours out shopping in the morning and then lots of work in the afternoon. Yes, I said 3 hours shopping. My friend, Leah, and I went to check out Fresh Farms (about a 30-minute drive) and Valli Produce (also a 30-minute drive). I bought way too much, especially since I had no one home to help carry it all up the stairs. But remember when I said the new car opened up opportunities? Yep, I’m now willing to drive over there, which I wouldn’t do in our defunct car. So for dinner, we just ate leftovers and snacks.

Saturday (7/10) – My husband made scrambled eggs with cheddar and corned beef and toast. It was great! I had gotten the corned beef in my shopping spree. For dinner, we’d invited Mel, her boyfriend Daniel, and the two kids over. I smoked a brisket, and we had brisket tacos. (I also smoked mushrooms and tofu for Mel as she is the vegan in the family). Sorry, I got no pictures of the tacos. We were so excited and having so much fun with the kids. I told Mel I have to have them over more cuz the compliments on dinner were just so thrilling.

Sunday (7/11) – Okay, I have to be honest here. I am not sure what we ate. I’m sure there was something. But I was packing and getting things ready to leave, and I don’t remember. I also have no pictures and nothing written on the calendar. Oh wait, we had the steak taquitos I bought while on my shopping spree. They weren’t very good. This explains the difficulty remembering. I won’t buy that brand again.

Monday (7/12) – I made shrimp scampi. We had the kiddo, as that was the trade from last Wednesday night. So I cooked the pasta and pulled some out for her which I put the garlic and butter on. Then I finished off our shrimp scampi. I served it with roasted cauliflower. Presentation-wise, this was questionable. Our plates were a little monotone. But the taste was great.

Tuesday (7/13) – I left for Spain! Owen made grilled cheese sandwiches for him and Eleanor. His may have had ham…okay probably. I had my first indoor dining experience in the airport. Okay, it was really just a plate of fries. I wasn’t super hungry, probably from the nerves. But then on the plane, I was fed again, which I’ll talk about in another blog.

Wednesday (7/14) – Katie had started prep on a baked feta pasta dish but then decided to take off to Wisconsin, so Owen took it over. Apparently, it came out really well, and he and the kid really enjoyed it.

I’ll tell you all about the food I had in Spain in a separate blog post. I’m debating whether to go ahead and do week 68 and let you know that, despite our 11-year-old’s concerns, they did eat while I was away…

And please excuse the fact that I am two months behind in posting this series.

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