Semi-Quarantined Life Week 66

This week I had a little more fun with food again. It’s not back at that level with early pandemic when I was cooking sometimes three times a day, but it was a fun week. So, let’s jump into it.

Thursday (7/1) – Okay, this was a simple night because Katie actually cooked. We just had hotdogs. We had leftover pasta and mac-n-cheese for sides, but I just ate a bratwurst and a hotdog.

Friday (7/2) – Fridays are pizza night. I did the pita pizzas again. I know this isn’t super original, but everyone loves it and it’s super easy. I also had gone out to lunch with my usual happy hour partner, so I was actually home to make and eat dinner. I did the usual toppings, basically margarita pizza for the kid and sausage for the hubby and I.

Saturday (7/3) – Happy birthday Katie! She turned 20. She requested a home-cooked dinner rather than out so that her littlest sister could join, and everyone be safe and mentally comfortable. At her request, we picked up some very nice steaks. I actually got the prime cut and trust me, it is different. So, I grilled steaks, mushrooms, corn on the cob, peaches, and broccoli. We dined al fresco, and I even picked up a beautiful cake for the occasion.

Sunday (7/4) – Because of Independence Day, we kept the kid for Sunday evening. I made an interesting play on caprice, kind of combining the ideas from it with this recipe I found in one of my new cookbooks. It had a caprice combination, but without balsamic. Instead, I made a sauce to be served at the table which was made with sherry and vodka and basil. I lined the center of the serving plater with thinly sliced English cucumbers and the leftover grilled mushrooms. I steamed the broccoli to reheat it and maybe cook it a bit more, and I made a roasted red pepper puree. All in all, it came out pretty well, and it was light and summery, which was perfect for the humid weather.

Monday (7/5) – We bought a car! Okay, I know that isn’t food related, but it definitely relates to why there was no complex dinner. We ended up making taquitos because it’s easy. Trust me, the car is going to impact the food going forward. Actually having something I am willing to drive opens up those shopping options!

Tuesday (7/6) – Taco Tuesday this week consisted of a tortilla chip taco bake. My husband messed up the schedule, and so it was a “we don’t have the kid…wait yes we do” kind of evening. So, at about 3pm, I had to figure out what to do for dinner and I, of course, didn’t have everything I wanted for any dish, and I really didn’t want to go to the store, even though it is a block away. So I did a taco bake where I layered tortilla chips, pinto beans, soyrizo and cheese. It actually was pretty damned good, and I’d make it again.

Wednesday (7/7) – We actually did trade this night and not have the kid. Her mother got a new dog and she wanted to see it. I won’t comment further on that subject. However, this gave the hubby and I a chance to go out for dinner. We had dinner on the patio at Rockwell’s, one of our favorites. Okay, it’s really the only place in town we’ve gone to since things started reopening. But it’s so easy and so close and so good! I had the Next Level grilled cheese. They use a combination of cheddar and Monterey jack cheese, and I added bacon. I had them leave off the tomato, which I think was an error, but it was delicious. I also got a side salad which was great.

So, I cooked four of seven nights this week. I feel like that’s not too bad. I also feel I’m still doing a pretty good job of balancing my love of cooking and being in my kitchen with my love of my work and need to, you know, meet deadlines. I think pandemic probably helped a lot of people finally find some of that work-life balance we are always saying we want. I know it did for me.

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