Semi-Quarantined Life Week 65

We did a little traveling this week, which always changes up our normal eating routine. However, we should get some credit that we made a trip to Arkansas that did not include Taco Bell. Seriously folks, I don’t know what it is about traveling south, but we always end up at a Taco Bell. I’m going to blame the fact that I am completely unwilling to go to my favorite greasy, very bad for you, burrito spot on our way down. For reasons related to the pandemic, I am not willing to go anywhere near that part of the state right now. I won’t share which state or where it is, but some of you know. Let’s talk about week 65.

Thursday (6/24) – We ordered Chinese delivery. We have a local place we’ve always liked and we had ordered once back when supply issues were still pretty bad. It had not been very good, but we decided to blame the supply issues and give them another try. They were much better this time. We had General Tsao’s chicken and some Crab Rangoon and eggrolls.

Friday (6/25) – This was a travel day. We headed to Arkansas. We ended up having McDonald’s for lunch. We were looking for something different, but by the time we were really hungry, it was McDonald’s or wait another hour or two based on the area we were driving through. When we got to town, we checked into the hotel and ended up getting dinner delivered from a local pizza place. It was not great. We ordered these stuffed mushrooms, and the sauce they were in was great, but they were meh. And the pizza had sausage that reminded me of the cheapest frozen pizzas available. Also, they gave us no silverware! Not the best experience.

Saturday (6/26) – We went to Mom’s for breakfast. She made waffles and sausage and bacon. I took some sausage and a waffle and made a sandwich. It was actually pretty good. I did not add syrup, so not so much like the McGriddle. Then, we went to my aunt’s house for a family pool party (just immediate family and my aunt and uncle who are vaccinated). I grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, and my siblings brought the fixings and sides. Because dinner was earlier, Owen and I later also got delivery from Sonic. Hey, I said we didn’t do Taco Bell. I didn’t say we ate healthy.

Sunday (6/27) – For lunch at Mom’s, we picked up Popeye’s for everyone. I think they mixed up our order and we got spicy. It was good, but maybe a little much for my niece who is only about 7. We did a cookout at my brother’s house for dinner. He grilled bar-b-que chicken wings and legs and provided corn on the cob. I brought baked mac-n-cheese per his request. We also had rolls and dessert. He got the grill hotter than he wanted and ended up cooking the chicken high and fast, and it was just perfect. I think I ate like six of those wings. I barely touched the sides because the chicken was so damned good.

Monday (6/28) – This was another travel day. Yes, there was more McDonald’s. Again, I didn’t say we ate healthy. This location was better. When we got home, we just snacked on leftovers.

Tuesday (6/29) – Taco Tuesday continues. This week I made tostadas with refried beans, soyrizo, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. We also had optional sour cream and guacamole. They came out pretty well, except I should not have put the lettuce and tomato on all as that kind of messes with the reheating of leftovers, and of course, I made more than we would eat at one meal.

Wednesday (6/30) – I did a play on a spring vegetable linguine recipe I used to make. I think I learned it from Taste of Home years ago. I sautéed broccoli and cauliflower (both chopped to about 1 inch pieces) in some olive oil with garlic and shallots. I then added linguine that was cooked al dente and jarred pimentos and diced tomatoes. I finished it off with some EVO and it was fantastic and very veggie forward.

The travel lately has definitely cut into my cooking, though when I go home to Arkansas, I always end up cooking something. My family enjoys it, and I love cooking for people, so it’s a total win-win. But I told mom I wasn’t coming back until fall because Arkansas is like Dante’s inferno come to life in the summer. And fall in Arkansas is beautiful, and so cookouts will likely happen again when I go back.

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