Semi-Quarantined Life…Week 64

Yep, life is a little more open and about to get even more so. I’ll tell ya’ll more about that soon. But we are still being cautious. We go to places in person, though not indoor dining yet. But we have the 11-year-old who is not vaccinated, so she still goes pretty much nowhere. We have started practicing not wearing masks outside. That took a little fortitude after all the training over the last year and a half, but we are kind of enjoying it.

Thursday (6/17) – We just did leftovers. I had it as a Katie cooks, but she ran off on me! Haha, she didn’t really know she was supposed to cook.

Friday (6/18) – Fridays we have the youngest have become pizza night. It’s so easy. I pick up some pitas we generally do a pesto base with tomatoes and mozzarella on the kid’s pizza and add sausage on ours. This happens to also be my happy hour night these days with some good friends. So this week, I went and met them at a bar/restaurant in their neighborhood. We ate on the patio and had some drinks. I’d tell you about the food, but it was totally unremarkable.

Saturday (6/19) – I made homemade crunch wraps. You know these. You’ve been to Taco Bell. My homemade version was good. I used a mock recipe I found online. I think I can improve it. My issue was that the tostada shell didn’t hold its crunch as much as I would like. I think I can fix this simply by reordering how the layers are added. But the cheese sauce got some rave reviews from the little one.

Sunday (6/20) – We got super healthy and creative. We had taquitos and mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce. Hey, I did make that marina…a while ago, and it was in the freezer.

Monday (6/21) – I had planned to make meatball pita sandwiches, but I didn’t get a chance to get to the grocery store that is literally a block away. So instead, we had sheet pan roasted vegetables and pitas. The pitas were a bit stale, but the veggies came out very well. I roasted baby bok choy, which I’ve never had, but it is really good. Like, think broccoli without the seedy texture.

Tuesday (6/22) – Taco night this week consisted of quesadillas. I filled them with soyrizo, cheese and pico de gallo. I forgot how good a simple quesadilla is.

Wednesday (6/23) – Katie requested alfredo, so I made spinach alfredo with farfalle noodles. This was really necessitated by the fact that I was out of linguine or fettuccini, but I honestly love farfalle with it too.

So it was a pretty simple cooking week. I think my cooking tends to get simpler in the hotter weeks anyway, but also work has been pretty busy. It should lighten up in a week or two when I close a couple of more time-consuming cases. And I have some real fun in store to share with you soon!

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