Semi-Quarantined Life Week 63

My husband is back to working in the office three days a week. This has been going okay, and it often leads to me having at least half a day a week alone in the house. I won’t lie, sometimes that is nice. I never got annoyed or bored with having him home all the time during quarantine, but a little alone time is healthy. Soon he’ll be back in the office full-time, and that’ll be a bit of an adjustment, but isn’t everything after the pandemic? Actually, wasn’t almost every day an adjustment during it? Maybe that was just me.

Thursday (6/10) – I made my disheveled Josephs. It may be one of my favorite recipes I’ve come up with. They are just so hearty and delicious. I did go with store bought buns this time. I just don’t really have time for all the bread baking these days, and who wants to run the oven anyway?

Friday (6/11) – We had more of the disheveled josephs. Yes, they are that good! You will want to eat them two days in a row. This time, we had some tomato and mozzarella salad as a side.

Saturday (6/12) – Okay, this is not going to sound very adult. I was feeling really lazy about cooking, so my husband offered. After some discussion, we settled on French fries. Yep. All we ate was a huge plate, well two plates, of French fries. Sometimes on no kid nights, we act like unruly teenagers. I feel like it’s allowed. Just don’t tell the youngest child, as it probably negates all my “healthy eating” talk.

Sunday (6/13) – I smoked a pork shoulder. It was delicious. This time, I rubbed it with yellow mustard and then a spice rub made of salt, pepper, paprika, garlic, onion and brown sugar. It was delicious and juicy! I did it to a sliceable temp, mostly because I started it later than would be necessary for dinner. I also smoked some chicken thighs and legs that I had out that needed to be cooked. Sadly, I took no pictures! Also sadly, I didn’t even get any of the chicken. Katie and Owen ate it all the next day! But I guess that means it was good.

Monday (6/14) – We had a fin for yourself leftover night. Katie wasn’t feeling well, and I just didn’t really feel like cooking by the time I finished work at almost seven. I had some reheated chili from the freezer. Owen had more disheveled josephs, and Katie had some mac and cheese from a frozen box.

Tuesday (6/15) – We ended up not having the little vegetarian because Katie was still feeling bad and we were waiting on results from the doctor, so we made gnocchi gorgonzola from Trader Joe’s and served it with some of the smoked pork. It was actually a pretty good combo and super easy.

Wednesday (6/16) – We got an unexpected no kid night. The youngest decided she was still too afraid to come over because of Katie having been sick even though the doctor had given the all clear that she was not contagious and it was nothing serious. Then Katie unexpectedly went to her boyfriend’s house because one of his pets was sick. So what do we do when we have no kids? No, we did not have French fries for dinner again. We went out to eat at the patio at our favorite neighborhood bar and grill. I had the chicken sandwich, which I have been almost always ordering for at least a year and so everyone laughs, but it’s really good!

I’m kind of laughing because other than our unhealthy French fry night, we had a very meaty week due to some unexpected schedule changes. Of course, now I also have to figure out how and when to use up some of the ingredients purchased for the original menu plan, so next week might get interesting.

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