Semi-Quarantine Life Week 57

Well, we are officially living a less quarantined life. We go to grocery stores (not that often), and I’ve been doing some patio dining (again, not that often), but we are still being cautious. Our 11-year-old is a bit from being able to be vaccinated, so we are still a little protective. But we are getting out there. And it really helps with dinner when you realize you don’t have that one ingredient you want. Yes, I got used to making do with what I had…but you know it’s better to have what you actually want!

Thursday (4/29) – We just did leftovers. I just couldn’t get it together to make dinner. Work is picking up, and I’m super busy like all the time. Also, we didn’t have the little human, so expectations were low.

Friday (4/30) – I made beef stroganoff. I had fresh mushrooms and some chuck roast. I used the instant pot, so it was pretty easy. It came out much better than using rehydrated, of course. I like the rehydrated recipe because it’s simpler and because mushrooms only last a day or two in my house.

Saturday (5/1) – I have no idea. Did I cook? I’m sure I did. It was a Saturday. I always cook on Saturday.

Sunday (5/2) – The day started with a nice scramble made with ham, gouda and onions. I also fried up some frozen hash browns from Trader Joe’s. It was delicious. For dinner, I made braised pork shanks, mashed potatoes and a nice simple side salad. Braised pork shanks are the best!

Monday (5/3) – Katie made a citrus glazed chicken thigh, and we had a nice side salad. The chicken was delicious. She used some oranges that were about to go bad and boneless chicken thighs. It was delicious!

Tuesday (5/4) – It was taco Tuesday! I made taco-spiced chicken, black beans, and chorizo for proteins. I also made guacamole. Katie made some queso blanco. It was a big spread. We had flour tortillas, which I know some people would scoff at. But more people in our house want soft. My husband and I live with it because we look at them more like burritos. The little one has gotten really into bean and cheese tacos/burritos. I love it. At least she is getting some proteins.

Wednesday (5/5) – I made what I am calling a vegetable caprese. I did a sheet pan roasted vegetable mix and at the last minute remembered I had a ball of mozzarella. So, I sliced it up and put two different types of balsamic vinegar and olive oil on the table for serving. I found it to be incredible. The kiddo didn’t love the balsamic. She should have tried the mango balsamic.

Overall, it was a pretty good week. No, I didn’t go in a grocery store again. But, my husband did. He went to Costco and Trader Joe’s. I’m working up to some of my favorites. I’m also working a ton, so hence, the lighter cooking menus. Don’t worry, I’m not giving up my love of cooking for this working gig!

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