Oh My Beloved Spice Shop!

Ya’ll, I did it. I went into Savory Spice. If you’ve ready many of my blogs, you’ve heard a lot about this particular shop. Not only do they carry the very best spices, they are amazing people. Pre-pandemic, I was in the shop at least once a week. I swear I was making up a need half the time just to go there and enjoy those fantastic smells and the great people. During the pandemic, we chose a totally locked down lifestyle, so I was relegated to getting my spices by mail order or curbside pickup. Luckily, they were amazing with curbside pick up. I would order online, walk to the store, stand out front, and wait for them to come out and hand me that beautiful brown bag full of goodness. But it just wasn’t the same.

So, now fully vaccinated, I decided I just had to go. Did I really “need” anything? Not really. I mean, a couple of things were getting low, but I wasn’t going to run out of anything this week. But I needed those smells. So, we masked up, and in I went. I went alone, as their capacity is limited to six customers due to their smaller space. And people in the store were fantastic with social distancing.

Everything I needed was prepackaged in just the sizes I needed except for rosemary. The lovely lady working that day was super sweet and went to the back to make me up the size I needed, and she did so quickly. However, I took my time. I wandered around and looked at every spice. I looked at all the recipe cards they had out. I looked at all the spice sets. And I took in all the smells. It’s a small store, so even walking around looking at everything only took about fifteen minutes. Also, I felt very safe. And I felt very at home. And believe it or not, I didn’t break the bank. I’ll try not to find a reason to go back every week.

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