Quarantine Life Week 50

Wow. We are approaching a year. My husband gets his first vaccine shot tomorrow. I’m excited and terrified all at once. I should be able to get it by the end of the month. Also terrifying! But this series of posts could come to an end. I’ll have to think of some other way to keep telling you all about our dinners. But for now, another week of quarantine life meals.

Thursday (3/11) – At Katie’s request, I made shrimp alfredo. It’s such a simple dish and yet so delicious! And we always have wild Gulf shrimp in our freezer these days. It’s my go-to when I haven’t thawed anything and feel meaty!

Friday (3/12) – We had a somewhat disastrous pizza night. I had two refrigerated pizza crusts that were sent my way. They were definitely a challenge to roll out and put in the pan. And when they said cook on the parchment paper, they definitely meant it. One of them stuck to the pan terribly! So, I had a somewhat disassembled sausage and garlic pizza for dinner. But we had a Caesar salad mix that we got from our Imperfect order, and I realized how much I am craving salads these days. I ate every bite of that! The kid’s pizza (all cheese, nothing but cheese) came out better. I think it was because it was on an actual pizza pan with the holes, and ours was on a baking sheet because it was rectangular.

Saturday (3/13) – I made daal and homemade naan. I’ve never even had daal, but the recipe looked good, and I love lentils. It was fantastic. And the kiddo, who normally shuns anything with spice, loved it. She ate every last bite and two helpings of naan with it. We’ve decided the kid loves Indian food. I’m going to retry some other dishes like matar paneer to see if the trend holds.

Sunday (3/14) – We started the day with waffles. It was actually my first time making them, if you can believe it. Usually, waffles are my husband’s specialty, but I think I did okay. And I made enough that the kid can have waffles for a couple of weeks. For dinner, we decided to do take-out. After much debate, we ended up ordering from our favorite neighborhood pizza place. We had to call in the order and walk over to pick it up because the online ordering wouldn’t let me customize. But really, it was the first time I’ve almost caved to one of those greedy online platforms in a while, and I’m actually glad I didn’t. I had a wonderful pugliese pizza with prosciutto added on top. The hubby had this Bosnian sausage sandwich thing that is just huge! We also got a salad because their vinaigrette is just amazing, and I’ve been craving salads.

Monday (3/15) – I made more naan, and we had the leftover daal. This time I used the bread flour from True Grains Artisan Milling. It was so delicious. That flour gives it such a great depth of flavor. And the kiddo ate the daal up again. She literally drank three glasses of water due to the spices, but she just kept eating it. I could not have been more proud. It took nearly five years, but the kid’s palate has expanded so much!

Tuesday (3/16) – We had a junk food night. We had to order stuff from Costco, so I threw in a big box of taquitos and an even bigger box of mozzarella sticks. So dinner was super healthy! I did make the marinara sauce.

Wednesday (3/17) – I took the zucchini pasta recipe from my friend Lindsey and the artichoke pasta recipe and kind of smashed them together. I also finished it by broiling it a bit to get some crispy parmesan on top. It was pretty good, though it could have used a bit more creaminess to the sauce. I actually took the leftovers and added a little half-n-half, butter and nutmeg, and it was definitely better for lunch the next day.

Well, as it took me two days to finish this post because I had a ton of work and family stuff going on, the husband is now vaccinated. I would change the intro, but I kind of like just bringing you along on my journey.

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