Quarantine Life Week 49

Every week, it looks like the world is moving toward opening up more. While I still have some mixed feelings on this, I am looking forward to cookouts and dinner parties. I have an entire “This shit is over” party plan. It’s gonna be epic. But for now, let’s talk about this week’s cooking.

Thurs (3/4) – I made this chicken cutlet recipe from Real Simple magazine. It was fine. I would give it a B-. However, I do think the concept was good. I would change a few things in preparing it. I am now very much wanting to try to make my own version of it, so I’ll report back when I do.

Fri (3/5) – I have no pictures because too much was happening. However, I did a “Cooking with” episode on Zoom with a politician friend of mine for a fundraiser. We made a creamy mascarpone zucchini pasta. I used ricotta in place of mascarpone because I couldn’t get the mascarpone at my local grocery, and I had no time Friday to do more than one pick up. I will be honest. I was not excited about this dish. But it is incredible. Even my husband loved it, and at one time, he claimed not to like zucchini.

Sat (3/6) – I made hot pockets! Okay, sort of hot pockets. I had some pie crust dough I had made during the week and then changed plans and didn’t bake, so I used it. I did Italian sausage, marinara sauce and swiss cheese because I thought I was out of mozzarella. It turned out the mozzarella was in my Imperfect box in quarantine. (It’s sufficiently cold in there.) They came out okay. I thought they were too large, too bready and not cheesy and saucy enough. I will definitely try it again.

Sun (3/7) – We started the day with crepes by Katie! They were delicious. And she did this thing with scrambled eggs where she put in powdered onion and some other stuff, and it was delicious. I mostly ate mine with blueberry pie filling and cream cheese because I’m a big kid. For dinner, we had Polish sausages and French fries. The hubby made the Polish sausages cause he wanted to try out a new method. They came out good. I double fry my French fries, and I am loving them lately. I’m still probably going to grab a big bag from the restaurant supply store on the next trip, because I also love super easy and quick fries.

Mon (3/8) – We just did leftovers of the zucchini pasta because the recipe made enough for like six people, and it was just Owen and I on Friday. I warmed some peas to go with it. It was still good on reheat so I’ll send an apology letter to the author for doubting it in the first place.

Tues (3/9) – I made fried chicken legs and mashed potatoes. I’ve had an issue lately with my fried chicken legs not getting done properly. I swear I temp them and I have a deep frying thermometer. I’m trying out a new beer batter and I think I need to reduce the frying temp and fry longer. Or there is some other trick I haven’t figured out. Also, not sure why they temp like they are done when they aren’t. I need to figure out that magic as well.

Wed (3/10) – Katie made homemade ramen and spring rolls. OMG. That girl has talent. The spring rolls were fresh, crisp and flavorful. And the sauce she made for them! I would seriously eat that stuff off a shoe. And her ramen was killer. She cooked the broth for 24 hours. And she spent like several hours prepping the various ingredients. I seriously didn’t know you could get so full on ramen.

So I would call this week less crazy adventurous cooking for me but Katie made up for it. With me working so much more now, I am happy to have another adventurous cook in the kitchen. I just wish she could put things back in their place or clean up! Seriously, it’s worth it for her food, and I have so much fun with her.

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