Quarantine Life Week 37

I can really feel myself getting back into the cooking. I am debating getting a better webcam and making some videos. I’ll probably test them out on YouTube first just to see if they get any response, but a few people have asked. Onto this week’s food creations:

Thursday (12/3) – We just did leftovers again. We still had chicken pot pie and several other odds and ends, and you know how I hate food waste.

Friday (12/4) – I made homemade cheese and onion enchiladas. It is a recipe I learned from my ex-husband, but I’ve modified it a bit. This iteration, I used a blend of Monterey jack and cheddar cheese in the filling. I also tweaked the sauce so it wouldn’t be too spicy for the kid. They came out really well, and I served them with Spanish rice and guacamole.

Saturday (12/5) – Ya’ll, I made these blueberry and cheese tarts that were delicious! I used gruyere and ricotta cheese, and I ate four before they even cooled! For dinner, I made a batch of Parker House rolls using the Eat Like a Gilmore recipe and the white beans au vin from NYT Cooking. They complimented each other very well. I stored the rolls in a bag on the counter, and I will say that they do not last more than 2-3 days like that. I previously had kept them in a container in the refrigerator, and they last much longer.

Sunday (12/6) – More leftovers! I know ya’ll are seeing a pattern here. Yes, Thursdays and Sundays tend to be the easiest lazy days for me, as we don’t usually have the kiddo.

Monday (12/7) – I ended up making stir fried rice in the instant pot for dinner. I had planned stuffed shells, but my IBS decided to go on a rampage, and I was up all night with it on Sunday. I don’t know if it was the pot pie or the enchiladas or just stress, but I needed something gentle on my tummy. I varied up my recipe a bit, and I think this was the best version of it I have made.

Tuesday (12/8) – I still had some of those Parker House rolls, and they were pretty stale. So I made a bread pudding and a whiskey butter sauce. That sauce was just awesome. It’s a mixture of cream, butter, brown sugar and of course, whiskey. I would eat that on anything! For dinner, I made a bone in pork roast braised in red wine seasoned with my own herbs de province. It was good, though not as much of the fat rendered out as I would have expected. The picture is during searing, I sadly failed to take one of the finished product.

Wednesday (12/9) – I had a plan for dinner, but surfing my favorite food sites changed everything. I ended up making broccoli, potato and cheese soup, which was complimented well by the newest loaf of bread I made. That bread really scared me while making it, as it didn’t hold it’s shape well on the final rise, and it looked a little glossy when done. However, it tastes great even if a little heavier than I had intended. It works really well in soup. I do want to try making that soup again, as I think I can improve it. It was not quite as thick and creamy as I want, but I think I know how to fix that. So don’t be surprised if you see it again next week.

My instant pot and I are still great friends, but I’m definitely leaning more toward stove-top and oven cooking these days with the cold weather. But since I stopped buying canned beans and such, the instant pot will still get plenty of use during the colder months. The family and I continue to quarantine. I think we’ve kind of gotten used to this life. I’m not saying I don’t miss some of the pre-Covid life, but I definitely don’t feel like this is as hard for me as it is for many out there. Although, ask some of my friends who end up keeping me company when I have insomnia, and they might sing a different tune. Until next week!

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