Quarantine Life Week 36

Our post Thanksgiving week did not involve the usual “how to use leftovers in new dishes” menu that it usually does since I tailored our meal to be for just the husband and me. I will admit that I missed the usual chicken or turkey salad the next day. We did have a bit of leftover chili since I chose to cook it while also cooking our Thanksgiving dinner. But I managed to come up with some interesting dishes.

Thursday (11/26) – For consistency, I’ll start the week with Thursday, but I won’t bore you with the details. You can read all about our Thanksgiving “feast” here. But here’s another nice photo.

Friday (11/27) – We slept in, and then we drove to the suburbs and delivered chili, rolls and mashed potatoes to my lovely Katie. The mashed potatoes are her favorite Thanksgiving side, and one of her favorite dishes in general. And she loves my chili and had complained about recently having chili that was not nearly as good. It was great to get to see her. When we got home, we ate some of the chili I had made on Thursday during Thanksgiving prep. But don’t worry, I did cook. I realized we were out of oyster crackers, and we love them in chili. So I found a recipe online and made some homemade oyster crackers. They were delicious.

Saturday (11/28) – I took some of the leftover potatoes, warmed them and then mixed in cheddar cheese and chives for lunch. It was delicious. For dinner, I had chili again. I love chili. Like I wrote a whole blog on chili.

Sunday (11/29) – And we’re still doing leftovers. Seriously, I know I said it wasn’t a week of Thanksgiving leftovers, but we had chili and then potatoes because I made a 3lb bag worth of potatoes, and we only took half of those to Katie. This time, I mixed them with blue cheese and chives. Still delicious.

Monday (11/30) – Okay, now we’re back to cooking. I made chicken broth during the day using leg quarters. I then took the chicken meat and shredded it and made chicken pot pie for dinner. I had planned something vegetarian because we had the kid, but in the end, I really wanted the chicken pot pie. I used my new favorite pie recipe from Ree Drummond and made another attempt at my own roux. I was not 100% satisfied with the filling, but it was still very good. I reheated some tortellini for the kiddo. I don’t usually do that, but I really wanted that pie, and there’s always a 50/50 chance she isn’t eating anything on weeknights.

Tuesday (12/1) – We ate leftover chicken pot pie. It had actually been made with this purpose in mind. Tuesday after dropping the kid off at her mother’s, we needed to do a couple of curbside pick ups, and so we just expected we’d need a chill evening.

Wednesday (12/2) – I was literally up most of Tuesday night. I suffer from IBS, and my stomach was in a rage. I am not sure if it was days of eating chili or the pot pie that upset it, but it was definitely on a war path. So I scratched the planned manicotti and instead made linguine with pesto sauce, sautéed shrimp, and air fried cauliflower. I made the pesto sauce using that basil in a tube you can buy now. It was actually pretty good. And air fried cauliflower is a life changer! It’s easy. It’s quick. And it tastes amazing.

Okay, so I started out talking about not having a lot of leftovers, and then we ate chili half the week. So while it wasn’t the usual week of leftovers, it was still a week of enjoying leftovers. But hey, I made homemade oyster crackers, and there was that pesto thing.

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