Quarantine Life Week 33

I may or may not have deleted all my pictures on my phone before backing them up to Google. Okay, I did. It was not my smartest moment. Luckily, I’m obsessed with posting my food on Instagram and much better about that than timely writing this series, so I can retrieve the photos. It is just going to be a little more work. So, let’s jump into the food.

Thursday (11/5) – The husband and I had another leftover night since those are easier sans picky little eater. The good thing is that between getting better at portion control and eating three meals a day at home, we are getting through the leftovers timely. We have very little food waste.

Friday (11/6) – It was a kiddo weekend, so we needed vegetarian. I had some refrigerated store bought gnocchi, so I decided to make an Alfredo sauce and added some peas. It was definitely a hit. If you haven’t discovered the magic of nutmeg, I highly recommend it. And on the particular occasion, my Alfredo came out perfect. It doesn’t always, mostly because I’m inpatient, so when it does I celebrate it.

Saturday (11/7) – After watching CNN for days on end, they finally predicted Biden the winner. I decided to celebrate by making an apple puffy oven pancake for brunch. I use a recipe from Betty Crocker, but I increased the eggs and decreased the sugar. It was much better in my opinion, as it was more of a savory and sweet combination than the original recipe. For dinner, I made a vegetarian fiesta casserole. The idea came from a taste of home cookbook I have, but I changed it up to fit our tastes, including making it less spicy for the kiddo. It was very good.

Sunday (11/8) – I thawed and warmed some of the leftover Hungarian beef from the freezer. I can now say definitively that the recipe does freeze and reheat well. Oh, and the kiddo and I made puppy chow, or muddy Chex as some call it, which was not a perfect execution but still tastes delicious. Here’s a tip, spread the chocolate and peanut butter coated Chex out on a sheet pan before chilling to prevent the clumping.

Monday (11/9) – I made my Instant Pot Stir Fried Rice dinner. It wasn’t exciting, but it was super easy, and I was just not feeling a big production. I did fry an egg for my husband to put on top of his because he really likes fried eggs on top of everything. If you are not from the Midwest, you may not be as familiar with this, but they put an egg on everything.

Tuesday (11/10) – We started the day with eggs Bendict because you know the one positive about quarantine life is that you can do this on a Tuesday. For dinner, I pan seared and then baked chicken on top of the leftover fiesta casserole. The combination was delicious, and my husband I ate the leftovers for several days for lunch.

Wednesday (11/11) – I made a homemade cracker thin pizza crust and made a pesto pizza. The crust was just almost exactly what I want. I think it perhaps had too much oil, which when combined with the oil from the pesto, was a little over the top. It made it very crisp but just not quite the texture I was really going for. I decided to try again next week for my husband’s birthday. We (meaning he and I, not the kiddo) want a very thin, crisp pizza crust. The kiddo actually prefers thick because, you know, bread.

So we had a decent food week. I don’t think there was anything earth shattering in the cooking, but it fed everyone. And as the Covid reports keep looking worse, a calm and decent week seems enough right now.

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