I didn’t have a dinner plan

Today a very strange thing happened. My husband asked me what I was thinking for dinner. This was late in the afternoon. I replied I hadn’t even thought about it. He checked my temperature. I realized I had not even planned anything for this week. Other than taking my sourdough starter out to reactivate it because we were supposed to have a couple of cool days, I had not done anything toward food this week. Those of you who know me or have read my blogs know that this is unusual.

With all the hot weather lately, I had been reducing my cooking quite a bit. I was finding it a little difficult to deal with pandemic stress without constantly working on a project in my kitchen. So I decided I needed some additional distraction. Our new kittens (we’ve had them about 6 weeks) are a good distraction, but they do sleep a lot. So I decided to finally dive back into learning Spanish. I had started trying several years back and just got busy with work and didn’t really get as far as I wanted. And I recently had a work experience where I could not directly communicate with a client, so I was feeling inspired to try again.

We had an old copy of Rosetta Stone, so I started using it. I’ve been doing it for a couple of weeks now, and I feel like I am really learning. Unfortunately, my old Rosetta Stone edition decided to crap out on me this weekend. I bit the bullet and bought a lifetime subscription to their online program. Unfortunately, I lost all my progress record, and I am starting from scratch, but I am actually enjoying the review. It can be a little monotonous to repeat some of the lessons, but it’s a huge motivation boost to see how much of it I have really learned in such a short time.

So if I have been a little lax in publishing new posts, and my cooking has seemed a little less dominating of my time and energy, it is because, in addition to developing my cooking and new recipes, I’ve decided to work on this little self-improvement project. I’m not going to be flying to Mexico and trying it out anytime soon, but hopefully in a month or two or three (let’s be honest, this is tough at my age), I’ll be able to have a virtual happy hour with my friends in Spanish! Maybe I can get some good tips for making some of the dishes from my friend’s parent’s former cafe!

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